How to find Cheap Logo Designers that do Quality work

If you're someone who is starting a new company and you’re low in cash, and you just need something to represent your company, you don't care what ot looks like. All you need is a logo so that you can kickstart your company. It is quite difficult to find cheap logo designers that are good at what they do.

I don't refer to fiverr or upwork logo designers because to me those platforms foster work that is copy-pasted from templates or stolen/plagiarised from other logo designs that are out there. You don't want to be sued by another company because of your logo.

I’m refering to someone who does logotypes for a price range that you can afford, considering you don’t have that many resources and your visual identity isn’t important to you. What’s more important right now to you is the quality of the services/products you provide. There’s a way to find these type of logo designers that are at a price range of only a few hundred. Here’s how to spot them.

Find designers that only show their designs, and not case studies.

You can spot this in a designer's portfolio. If they do not write, explain and rationalize their logo designs on their portfolio website in the form of project case studies, then you can straight away know that they can be hired for cheap.

Logo designers that do not write case studies, they rapidly come up with designs like a factory.

However, there is no deep thought being put into each logo design, since they do not display case studies. They only show the final product and ONLY the final product’s jpeg on their website.

I say this because commonly, designers that understand the importance of having case studies in their websites are the ones that are expensive to hire.

If they have case studies, they are most likely selling not only the logo design itself, but their brand strategy.

These top notch designers act as consultants to figure out the problems that you have in hand, and they try to solve your problems with the help of design thinking and graphics that will make your company look more expensive than it really is.

Designers who write case studies are expensive, because they sell strategy as well.

Brand stategy is a great way to identify your target audience and map the design to your target audience in order to attract them, however, knowing what you can afford, you do not have the budget to afford brand strategy. Brand strategy is exlensive. Avoid designers who write case studies because they are more likely to sell strategy as well.

Look for designers thay don't explain their work, don't have a website or overall only has an instagram account and they are only available for hire through that.

I hope this helps you a lot in pursuit of starting your new company with the little amount of money you have. Don't worry if you can't afford strategy. Once you’ve done the work and grow your company to a bigger size, you then can afford strategy and can finally work with real designers, abd then you can rebrand your company. For now, just look for cheap designers that know what they're doing. to get the job done.