The Case for Procrastination

How do I stop procrastinating? This is a problem that a lot of people face. In fact, all of us face procrastination at least a 100 times in or lives. It is a mindset process that takes a really long time to get used to and to solve.

The reason why people procrastinate is because they don’t know what they want to do. That is the problem, if you think about what specific tasks to do, you are more inclined to view the task as something that is executable and not a burden because you’ve already thought about it.

People are too lazy to think

Think about what you’re delaying. Break it down into different small tasks. Digest how you’re going to execute it in the future. The tasks when broken down will look doable and will be easier to execute rather than just looking at it like just a big project. Break it down into digestible bits as procrastinating happens because you can’t digest the thing that you’re procrastinating on.

Once you’ve thought about it, clean the house, how do you clean the house? Dust the furniture. where do you get the duster? Open the garage and take the duster from the broom closet. What else to do? Rearrange the furniture, how do you do that? Put the TV on the left side of the room, but move the sofa out of the way first and then shift the TV. Once you think about doing it practically, once you break it down into digestible parts, that is when you are more inclined to do it.

Procrastination is just the lack of understanding what is supposed to be done on the practical level

because once you use your brain to think about it, you’ll get stressed out and you think, oh I’ll just do that later.Think about what you can do, break down the project into simple tasks and cross them from your to do list one at a time.