Homeschooling Has Changed My Life

Homeschooling have taught me to be more aware with spending my time and helped to find priorities in life.

Cause even though I had definitely more time than most of my peers, I love to be part of different projects, voluntary programs, social groups etc. I even get my first job at 18 years old in one of the most popular alternative schools in my country!

Homeschooling taught me what is like to actually learn

Before I started homeschooling I thought that learning is just sitting in front of the computer and trying to memorize random facts.

Homeschooling taught me to socialize in the healthy way.

I am a big ass introvert. I was all my life. But when I started homeschooling, just after 3 months I heard my dad saying — “Kamila, since you have started to be homeschooled, you are constantly going somewhere, you are never at home”.

Homeschooling taught me that school is actually a really tiny part of my life.

I will not lie, there were a lot of moments during these 2 years when I didn’t study at all. And I don’t regret it.



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just a homeschooled weird teen who is obsessed with radical feminism and history of feminism in Poland!