Leaving Home

On moving from Gainesville

This post was originally published on August 3, 2014 on www.radha-nath.com. On February 3, 2017 it was migrated to Medium.

I know my leave was unexpectedly sudden, but we knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it’s sooner. When people ask where I’m going, my response is still “I don’t know, I guess ‘home’ for a bit.”. But, in all honesty, it actually just feels like I’m leaving home. Over the last five years, I think it’s safe to say that you know me better than any city out there (even if St. Pete comes in a very close 2nd).

I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only one that feels this way, but I have grown so much with you. The Radha that came to you 5-years ago only exists in fragmented memories and almost forgotten photos. With all the experiences and challenges you threw at me, I changed… and for the better. Through the years, I spent time as an occupied girlfriend, a committed student, a class skipper, an often party-goer, a starving desperate, a confused single, a gym junkie, a so-called ‘ACR’ until…

I discovered me…independent of external expectations.

It took a grueling four years filled with bad decisions, blind-sided disappointments, and some heartbreak. Don’t get me wrong, those years were sprinkled with some good too..but, it wasn’t until this last year that my perspective changed. When I came to love and respect who I am in my entirety, only then did I really start to learn. Learn about my desired life, my dream career path, and my ideal relationships.

With you, I realized changing your perspective…changes your life.

So, thank you for the good that kept me going and that bad that made me learn.

’Till next time,


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