A survivor

by Radha Paul
Pushing it down. 
that feeling you get 
when you sense you might drown
i saw it when we met
cover it up with laughter 
but you know it might be a disaster. 
still you try to push it hard
down and behind your heart
you feel they would know your lies
so you hide them, trying to be like spies.
what you dont get is that it's okay.
everyone can feel a little grey
you hide from your loved ones
you dont see them for months
because you dont want them to see the ugly you
you think that they would judge you
no one is perfect, you forget
your actions, you regret
the light at the end of the road
seems like a myth over told.
its not easy to feel better
its a very hard battle
but you need to get yourself together 
and fight to be a getter.
everyone has a journey
your might be a little bumpy
but its essential for a driver 
to remember they are a survivor.