More than our bodies.

By Radha Paul

Allow me to tell you a story. a story of a girl that lives at every corner around you.
there was a girl with a name that was way too traditional for her personality but deep down she knew she was an old soul not because of her name but despite it. She was an optimistic and a cheerful person. To the world, she seemed flawless because of her big white smile with two dimples on side. she was mostly nice to everyone. But she did have a flaw. a dark hidden secret, that she tried to hide from the whole world.

when she looked into a mirror, she never liked what she saw. for her, that one pimple and that one love handle or a stretch mark was enough to supress her entire beauty. She loved watching movies and tv series But she was never able to see anyone on the screen that looked like her. Everyone she admired, had a certain skin tone along with a certain figure. she could never really see herself in anyone of them and thus she could never relate to anyone. she felt isolated in a world where no one seemed to have any flaws. she was sinking in the feelings of self hatred and social complexion.

But then, she gave herself a minute to look at her situation logically. she realised that she had drowned so much in her physical attributes that she forgot all about her kindness, her intelligence and her loyality. she was more focussed on setting her hair right than on being a nice person that she was.

This is a true story for many girls, i personally know and it breaks my heart to see the most beautifull and intelligent girls who feel completely worthless. 
who is to be blamed for creating such an unhealthy mindset for young girls where they cant see beyond their looks?

The answer is all of them. Everyone who expects or portrays women in a certain way is to be blamed. The media, that does not shy away from photoshopping women in order to make them look more desirable. The society, that has always implied rules for young girls to look and behave a certain way.

Despite all these restrictions and rules, women get out of their cages and try to fly high but at every stage, they face one or the other thing that makes them question their self worth. Its hard to embrace your love handles but you should because they are a part of your body. As long as one maintains a healthy lifestyle and takes good care of one’s body their is no reason to feel ashamed about anything.

we are so much more than our bodies. we are minds and we are souls.

Sometimes we don’t even realise that we don’t love ourselves enough untill that one demotion or that one heartbreak occurs where we blame our own flaws.

The only way to overcome this is by realising and listing your strengths and weaknesses. 
Self love comes along with self awareness. Being fully aware of yourself will prevent you from getting any surprises or shocks along the way. Also, it is very important for young girls to realise they are worth so much more than what society tells them.

The mirror might lie, the movies might lie But your heart will always tell you the truth.

Be flawed, because that’s what makes us all unique. Don’t degarde women. Instead, lift them up. We are so much more than objects of desire for men. We are so much more than our bodies.