The girl in the corner.

By Radha Paul

Closed my eyes
looked inside
found the girl
they were looking for
she clinched on to her corner
refused to come out.
She had terror in her eyes
with darkness on the side.
I called out for her
in hopes she would listen
but she was gone too far
I was just reminiscing.

She was beautiful
but had turned pale.
It was merciful
felt like she was in jail. 
I held her hand
told her it's gonna be okay
She knew I lied
but trusted me anyway.
Brought her out.
People looking for her,
turned into demons
They comforted, they lied
Told her everything's gonna be alright.
They laughed , they judged
they did it all out of mere spite.

She had no other choice
but to crawl back to her cage.
To keep the demons out
she had to light up a sage.
I swore to never bring her out again
because she deserved much better than that pain.