To my companion for life.

I had seen through the corner of my eyes, the way you use to look at me during those boring classes or when your eyes use to smile when we use to see each other first thing in the morning. i too secretly wished to see you, first thing when i use to enter the big black gate.
I too felt there a connection, but i would recommend you to take a moment to decide if you are ready to dive into the ocean of my vulnerabilities and swim through the skies of my joy? i will be your best mistake and your favourite nightmare.

i am a weirdo. i will cry at the silliest of things and laugh away the distress of any lousy situation. if you peep inside, you will find the little child in me still alive, sitting in a dark corner with her head buried in her knees. she might not say it to your face, but she needs you. I also like any other normal person crave to be loved but don’t ever expect me to show that to you because you see I have issues when it comes to emotional vulnerability.

I am a procrastinator. i will do my best to delay our coffee dates and shopping sprees. You might also have to drag me out of my shell into the invisible boundries of the outside world. I am not social. If you agree to hold my hand in situations that are out of my comfort zone, i can promise to return you the favour.
i get mood swings like eye blinks, so you would have to deal with all of that drama.

We will have fights. We will definitely argue at times and you should know I like to always be right But you will have to show me why being right isn’t important all the time. You would have to rub my feet and calm me down when I would get frustrated with the world after a long day at work.

But i can promise you that through all the thick and thins and all the ups and downs, i will stand by your side holding your hand, laughing at your jokes, i wont care if they turn out to be lame. i will be there in sickness handing out tissues to you. i will be there when you fall, to help you get back up.

I will bring a giant bag of drama in your life but i promise to stand by you through all of it. Despite everything I said above, I won’t enter into our relationship with these expectations. All I expect is for you to know that I am a person full of flaws. I don’t even try to cover them up because they make me what I am. I am not stubborn. I would definitely try my best to improve those flaws but that won’t change who I am. The journey we take may get rough like any other ride, but we would overcome the hurdles if you stay by my side…

yours truely,