We are minds

By Radha Paul
we are minds, we are souls
we are so much more
there is much that crawls 
inside our bodies, in our core.
look at that cheating mirror
dont like what you see?
look again, you might see clearer
peep beyond, you will be free
don't question your looks
instead, focus on your mind
that you can shape with books
and keep yourself on that grind.
be proud of the love handles
they keep your skin broad
to keep you out of the shackles
that want you to live a fraud
we do not just carry our flesh and blood
we have feelings, we have emotion
there is so much more than being a stud
that allows you to be in motion.
cherish your beautiful creations
for it is true they will let you be sane
in a world full of expectations 
they will keep you away from the pain
Dont forget you are not alone
there are others who feel grey
no one can be your clone
because you are special in your own way.