I am the original Light
Yatin Dullabh

Reframe : oftheDivorce to DeLIGHT = B A L A N C E thru’ SBG daily Puja

D —D #1 3.11 D-uh… Gods will Help U! — DoIt!

I —e #2 6.46 I-Yogi ‘s Spiritual Platform — enJoy!!

V —L #3 7.12 V-olition : goodness,passion,indolence in Me I’m !them. — Love

O — I #4 11.47 O-h My Yoga Power is Splendid-Full — I’m-theSweet

R —G #5 8.16 Re-aching Me there is no birth— Go-e-kaunteya

C —H #6 4.34 C-onvolsive “ENDURANCE” — Hei-IAMUrSecret KEEPer

E — T #7 10.29 E-emPower: 1000H 3/5element Yamaryama amI ThinkRaM

Happy New Year to u New Dairy !!!!!!! Special Diwali Treat : i cleanedUp aridwar-ourAltar :dailymornin‘water/SBGAarti/mogra’ over entire week.

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