Free will vs. God’s will
Ricky Chandarana

freely reflecting on free will vs. God’s will

For sake of this reflection lets just Imagine : Gopika(Radheka*) as freewill v/s SriSitaji’s actions as God’s’ will.

Gopika as personification of Freewill —

Where ego asserts, Lord vanishes. When ego vanishes, Lord enters.

  • Gopika feels I am Best Beloved of Bhagavan
  • Gopika did not take permission to leave
  • Gopika comes or goes places, positions & peoples out of freewill
  • i must reach Balavihar in time so OK to jump through orange light ‘safely’
  • Srimad Bhagavad** — Bhagavan SriKrishNa footprints & a Gopika footprints were visible & then only one pair of footprint were seen which lead to a lamenting Gopika because Bhagavan had deserted the बन woods.

SriSitaji is God’s’ will personified —

The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow.

  • No “ME”ness & Independance in Her actions shows श्रीराम-s will only.
  • Sitaji always took permission to leave
  • Sitaji leaves places, positions & peoples only out of Gods’ will
  • i could jump signals too yet i don’t for it does not please श्रीराम-s will
  • SriRamayan*** — SriSitaji chose to LEAVE earthly abode (exerting Her freewill) out of respect for Gods’ will with foresight that Ayodhya needs श्रीराम’s presence & that Bhagavan should never ever desert Ayodhya for Her sake only

Important Reference/Footnotes:

*Radheka — Belief is she was a gopika only in BalSriKrishna leelas.

**Srimad Bhagavad — AFASIK “SriRadha” name is not mentioned at all in this purana hinting author Ved Vyasa’s respect for the divine name, that its one utterance has potency of nirvikalpa samadhi — timeless state of unconscious bliss. Raja Parikshit had just 7 days before his death, thus Shuka Maharaj avoids directly uttering Radha & instead hints about her by the word “aradhana”

***SriRamayan — Out of reverence for SriRam & SriSita perhaps Goswami Tulsidas has omitted mentioning about the ‘with or sans permissions’ Sitaji leaving earth abode portion in the most popular SrirAmcharitamAnasa aka SriTulsiRAMayaN itihasa

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