Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Just as Sugar is Sweet our HumanLife is to To Be Human. Purpose of मानवधर्म is to integrate & to uphold righteousness so that with मन्यत-े right thinking God thinks&acts in Human mind.

  1. The evolution of shravana proper learning : LISTENING is to transform humane values into virtues via Seva, shravana propels our thinking ability into right actions and identifying us more with our Purpose in Life then our individual selves ( सात्विक ego). Our goal is to reach Godliness in our thinking and actions.
  2. WIT — Words-Ideas-Thoughts are 3 strings knotted into ब्रह्मग्रन्थि : Integrity in DEEDS/actions.
  3. Parents nurture us with values and nourish us with valuables so we survive: a God-like Lighthouse always looking @fter us — truly guiding us to always identify with the higher vision. Our Pay It Forward gift for them would be to become that LightHouse. Hanumanji lives up-to His Parents ( auspiciousShiV, वायुegolessness && केसरीcourageously and अन्जनाtaintless). Let Hanumanji’s persona guide me to bring forth their ‘Positivist’ outlook— with golden earrings do Shravana i.e actively listen and with golden bangles do Seva i.e serve “silently” !!
  4. Becoming Joy (2017) is to invoke joy within. DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY . Bonus: evoke joy — go eat lavender ice-cream in rainy Portland && pluck’n’relish fresh mangoes right at the source — on an Indian farm in scorching summer heat.
  5. Become a Think-TANK to not be jealous —
1) THINk Think! Think!
2) Act Humanely
3) Not compare with others
4) Kindle Hanumanji’s inspiration in everything you undertake your like.
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