No time-keeping device
Kanchan Tripathi

Non time-keeping opens one for ‘out’search-‘in’seek journey toward शिष्यत्वinstructionशिष्यस्तेऽहं शाधि मां त्वां प्रपन्नम् || SBG 2.7||

From outer Voilence-toSee-king theHigher Love within 4 ॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः | Keeper of TimeTable समयसारिणी

#SBG7.12 . is choosing theWise, so be choosy!

V-olition : objects/goodness,passion,indolence in Me I’m *NOT*!them. — Love

let it go let all go — the
big small middling
tall bigger really
the biggest and all
things — let all go
dear‘Where’ you seek Happiness will ‘drive’ you to be stressed ‘out’ or blessed ‘in’.

so comes Loveअनुरागिणी

Inspired by HigherLove one just stops counting the hours….

‘Where’ is my Study aka ‘theschhhedule’ ?

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