Forget corporate social responsibility: doing good should be a core part of your business model
World Economic Forum

What you are doing is along the lines of of C.K. Prahlad’s “Bottom of the Pyramid”. While every bit helps, and I do believe you are making a difference to many lives, I would not say there is much innovation in your approach that other companies are not also doing. ITC Foods, for example, with its e-choupal outreach to farmers, is along the same lines. What would be good to see are initiatives that are out-of-the-box, yet integral to the company’s core competency. An example is Hershey’s initiative of using their expertise in the food industry to provide nutritious meals in schools in Africa. In fact, they could go one step further in creating social entrepreneurs to make that happen. Thank you for sharing — I know how hard it is to work at the grassroot level, so these are amazing achievements to streamline!

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