Learning like kids …

Today, while taking Piano class, one of my 5 years old students got bored and uninterested.

~~ Music class and Stories for Learning ~~

Moreover, she was unable to remember the names of different keys which I had been trying to teach since the last couple of classes

And then..

I told her a story of the Piano street. I had heard this story on Youtube.. thanks to Hoffman academy collection which is a brilliant concoction of creative mechanisms for learning music

The story goes like this…

“Long time ago, on the Piano street, two black keys formed a dog house wherein a dog lived (key of D) and a small cat (key of C), stayed behind the dog house. Also, there lived a Grandma (key of G), who was so scared of the dog house that she stayed in a house away from the dog house which was a group of three black keys. Her room was the first bedroom of that house.

However one day…

She felt lonely and wanted to buy a pet for herself. She went to the market and bought a fish pond (key of F) for herself which she placed in the front yard of her house.

~~Fish Pond in the Front Yard~~

After a few days,

She was still sad and lonely and wanted someone to stay with her..so she called aunt Any (Key of A) to stay with her

Aunt Any came and stayed in the second bedroom of that house. After a few days, Aunt Any wanted a pet too just like Grandma.

She spoke to Grandma who happily agreed. They both went and bought a bird for the grandma (Key of B)

~~ Bird Cage in the Back Yard ~~

The bird was kept in the backyard of the house behind aunt Any’s bedroom”

This was the key next to A. Aunt any would play with the bird everyday

Now, Grandma and Aunt lived happily forever and never felt lonely

And guess what happened!!!

After listening to this story, my student could immediately start identifying with those keys which she had been struggling to learn. Post this, her interest in music grew and she became more receptive.

Every time she came to the class, she would hear the story again and would pick up lessons faster each time

Then it stuck me, if kids can get bored easily, so can adults. Be it our jobs, our daily chores, our learnings of interest areas. What if we too create a story every time we try to learn something new.

What if we too start creating a fictional series of events just to understand and learn things faster?

So.. what is your story?