Glass breaker for Dogs

What would happen if humans suddenly disappear from the world? What would a world without humans look like? Will the ecosystem get affected? How would animals and plants react to these changes?

These are some of the questions that came into my mind when we were being told about the scenario when humans are about to go extinct and the last few humans left in the world decide to design something of importance for any particular plant or animal species.

The first thought that came in my mind was if humans go extinct there would be no more threat to plants and animals as humans are considered to be the root threat. But then what if this scenario is looked at a different angle. What if you are given a chance to make things right before leaving the world? This thought in itself is quite big and to add to it was the main challenge of designing something or plants and animals, something that they could understand and interact with.


So I thought of choosing Dogs and Pet Dogs specifically. The reason and motivation behind this was the simple concept of saving our near and dear ones. When humans know that they have very little time left on earth, there main concern will be for their pets. They are the closest for them after their own family. So they will definitely try to find out a way so that their pets are safe. And since pets have always been with humans they have no ideas about the wild challenging world outside.

First I thought of designing an interactive bone which will have sensors to identify eatable items for dogs and there will be a voice assistant, this voice will be owners recorded voice which will guide the dog and tell him what he can eat and what items are not edible. But here the challenge was how the bone was how it will remain with the dog constantly. Since these ideas didn’t work I thought of switching onto next concept.

Therefore, I decided to design something for pet dogs which they could carry and interact with. Keeping in mind that the product should be dog centered, I thought of various design ideas.


Before directly making something I thought of the story behind it. So when humans will not be existing in the world they will be struggling daily for food and shelter and saving themselves from other wild animals. There will be many cars abandoned on streets and these can be used as shelter by these dogs.


Hence I thought of designing glass breaker for dogs to let them use cars as shelters.

Now the challenge was how to make it available for dogs whenever they need it. Wearable was one thing that was there in my mind, but the challenge was it to be interactive also and not just be there.


I thought of placing the object at the front shoulder since its pretty close to the mouth, it will be accessible easily for the dogs to grip and use it easily.

The glass breaker is based on spring design so that the dog doesn’t have to apply too much pressure and with just a slight pressure glass will break. These glasses when shattered fall as blunt pieces and hence don’t hurt, thereby remaining safe for dogs and the round base will act like an armor.

Final design


So after presenting my design ideas, I got some very important feedback.

1. A wearable may not be the best solution, since a band worn constantly can infect the animals skin.

2. If the product accidentally falls the dog will not be able to carry it with him.

So based on these feedback, I thought that the product should be attached to the cars itself. People can attach it to the outside surface of their cars and dogs should trained in a way to use this device. This way the product will be interact able as well safe to use for them.

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