Why I love going to Manori

I love the rows of houses on both sides of the road. I love the narrow lanes. I love the fresh and clean air and the stars in the sky.

I love the light of the moon and the stars reflecting off the small lake and I love the silhouette of trees and bushes on its banks.

I love the night ride to manori and I love how safe I feel when I reach the village.

I love how everybody knows everybody and how they wave at each other or honk to say hi.

I love the beach and I love the calmness.

I love that I get to enjoy the peace and serenity of a village a few kilometres from home, with an acceptance that a city would fall short of.

Nobody cares if I’m married. Nobody cares what I’m drinking or smoking. Nobody cares if I smile. Nobody cares if I care.

You go ahead with your business, and let me go ahead with mine.

This is why I love Manori.

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