Honda Activa 4g vs Honda Navi: Contrast Evaluation

Honda Activa 4g vs Honda Navi: Contrast Evaluation Front


We have actually all had that table conversation with our moms and dads at the time of purchasing the very first two-wheeler. Fearing for our security, they would constantly desire us to start with something safe, conservative and cost-effective (checked out as underpowered, old-fashioned and exceptionally fuel effective).

On the other hand, the teen in us chooses not to quit on design. It’s something your character is related to as you socialize with your buddies or take your sweetheart out on a morning flight. However it’s your moms and dads who’re eventually going to bear the expenses for your very first flight and therefore an agreement has to be reached in between the two celebrations.

If you’re amongst the lucky ones, you’ll be permitted to purchase a bike with adequate variety of horses. But for many, like me, it typically condenses in between a 100cc-110cc commuter and a scooter. We have actually matured seeing our dads riding the previous to and from workplace every day, and the closest cry from our dream trip therefore winds up to be the latter, usually.

The Honda Navi has actually can be found in as a stylish alternative for the children purchasing their very first two-wheelers. However, at a comparable cost, where does it stand versus the recognized scooters like the Honda Activa?

Honda Activa side


Do not think me? Take a look at the car park of any college/tuitions and the variety of Honda Activas, and its likes, stationed there would promote themselves.

Now the concern is that, at a rather comparable prices, where does the Navi stand versus its currently developed competitor — the Indian scooter? We took it out for a head-to-head versus the face of gearless two-wheelers in India, the Honda Activa 4g, to respond to that concern.

Nevertheless, 2016 has actually caused a sort of a paradigm shift in this play area with the Honda Navi! While speaking with among Honda’s dealerships, I was notified that the Indian federal government does not identify a 3rd department, apart from scooters and motorbikes, for two-wheelers yet. And the Honda Navi is here to do simply that — break the clichés and established a totally brand-new sector of two-wheelers; not just for the youth however likewise for the young-at-heart.

Navi and youth


Design Inspect

Versus this inexplicably beautiful maker, the Activa sort of vanishes in the crowd. Nevertheless, it’s something that is focused on a bigger audience and most mamas and sis would choose it over the Navi any day for its vibrant style, standard scooter-like sitting position, premium headlights incorporated into the manage bar system, 3D chrome badging and useful instrument cluster; all this on a durable metal body.

It’s been 10 days given that, and the Navi’s appeal stops to fade; bring eyeballs from even the most beautiful of females. Apart from the adorable little percentages, the brand new hexagonal light, the dash of colour on single-piece tank and side panels and the open hole in place of the engine under the tank, all play their part in the Navi’s individuality.

Navi getting attention


The wheels, forks, engine and exhaust are coloured on the other hand black shades while the tail light, obtained from the Stunner 125, blends in flawlessly, to one’s surprise.

I got the chance to get the Navi for the very first time from a coworker’s location in Mumbai’s Dadar area. The 20-odd km-long flight from there to the Andheri suburban area turned more heads than my beard might ever do, even on its most marvelous days. A lot so that you wish to install a GoPro on your helmet and simply tape-record the valuable responses of individuals being shocked by something so uncannily quite on the roads.

Navi functions



The downers consist of no pass light button on a typical switch equipment, the lack of a kill switch and alloys, all which would certainly have actually made the Navi more cool. Myriad customisation choices (to be provided quickly) however will offer you the opportunity to experiment even more with the appearances of the mini bike.

In regards to functions, the Honda Navi integrates the very best of both worlds. For example, the fuel tank is located traditionally in between your legs, much like a bike, and the accompanying fuel inlet does not even need you to obtain off it while refuelling. A fuel gauge though is missed on the rather easy console, however an old-school reserve fuel knob on the Navi can be found in as a breather. For some riders, Navi’s 2 key-holes — one for locking the saddle and one for ignition, might be complicated intially.

Activa functions


The Activa, on the other hand features an equivalent, if not greater, set of functions, consisting of the monoshock rear suspension and tubeless tires. Where the Activa simply edges out its competing cousin is a fairly spacious storage area with an underseat compartment that benefits a half-face helmet, surrounding hooks and (like the Navi) an optional storage box. The combi-brake system likewise is a significant plus for the Activa when it pertains to security.

When it comes to the Activa, the trip feels a little stiffer once you have actually been on the Navi; mostly due to its old-school routing link front suspension setup. Braking efficiency on the Activa is better as the scooter sheds speed easily while the combi-braking system sees your back if you do enter sticky scenarios. In general, it stays to be among the very best scooters around.

At 101 kg, the Navi weighs a complete 7 kilos lower than the Activa. Integrate this with the sleeker style of the Navi which would discuss why it removes from dead stop quicker than the latter (regardless of the very same 109.2 cc 4-cylinder air-cooled engine that benefits 8.1 PS and 8.8 Nm on both bikes). Beyond speeds of 60–65kmph however, the Navi’s engine begins sounding gruff and the vibrations can be felt through the seat.

Somewhere else, the handling is excellent, and thanks to 12-inch front wheels, the Navi lets you weave at ease in Mumbai-like traffic conditions. With telescopic forks on the front, the trip quality feels very flexible. A few of our associates would not even blink an eye to stand straight on the Navi’s footpegs and leap it into deep pits. The drum brakes suffice to slow down from flying speeds, though a combi-brake system might have been utilized.

- The Navi includes a longer seat than the Activa, which has a broader cushion under your behind. So, we got the ‘most significant’ members of our group, and rode pillion with them to discover exactly what is more comfy amongst the two. While the position of your butts is comparable in both circumstances, the rear footpegs on the Navi are rather carefully located to the front ones. As a result, the pillion’s shoes are continuously kicking the rider. Nevertheless, on a very first date, the closer the much better. No?

- With tanks complete, we then took both the Hondas out for long-ish trips to discover whether the Navi damages the Activa on fuel effectiveness. On both highway and city riding conditions, the Navi really emerged triumphant by returning 62km for a litre while the Activa burned a litre of gas for 56km. The downside with the Navi nevertheless is its tinier 3.8-litre fuel tank, which would run for far less than the Activa’s 5.3-litre tank. It suggests more sees to the bunk with the Navi.

- Next, it was time to refuel and it offered us the chance to learn how quickly the Navi can be fed and gotten away on. You can stay seated on it, just twist the secret of the fuel tank cover, fill it up and remove. On the other hand, the Activa takes a minimum of half a minute more by requiring you to obtain off it, raise the seat, open the underseat fuel tank cover then set about your company. Too less scope on this one if you’re running late for a college lecture.

- Lastly, it was time for shopping. Grocery shopping, I indicate. At the end of checking off products from a prolonged list that moms toss, you are generally overruning with products from the shopping bag. The Activa has a hook adjacent to the footboard that permits you to station a minimum of a few little bags. The larger ones can be put away under the seat. Nevertheless, with the Navi, there is a hardly any space for cleaning away, even with the optional storage box. Do not inform your mama about this imperfection if you’re preparing to purchase a Navi.

It would just be reasonable to evaluate the Hondas on daily usefulness after putting them through a string of jobs that we deal with in our daily lives. So when in ownership of the two-wheelers, we did simply that — recognized particular ‘day-to-day obstacles’, and performed them on Mumbai’s hectic streets.

Honda Activa front 3 quarters

However somebody like my mother would certainly not choose riding a Navi for her day-to-day journeys which’s where it’s limited. The Activa enters the picture here as a total household two-wheeler. Everybody, from the grandparents to the teen grandchildren, can get on its saddle. Simply that it will not set a child apart from the remainder of the crowd on the very first day of college.

Both the two-wheelers are implied for city commutes and effectively covering individuals’s day-to-day riding requirements. The Navi nevertheless will be more fit for a child wanting to purchase his very first two-wheeler in addition to keeping the design ratio up. Either if you’re getting late for that morning college lecture or a date with your very first crush in college, the Navi will have you covered.

The Navi is likewise a nimble navigator through difficult traffic and would likewise be a helpful trip for even young-at-heart middle-aged males. For example, there was a Navi parked outside a Honda car dealership. Upon asking, the supervisor notified me that the 40-something owner of the dealer was himself the owner of that mule. How’s that?

Honda Activa 4g vs Honda Navi: Contrast Evaluation

Here’s where things get intriguing. Both the items originate from the stables of the 2nd biggest two-wheeler maker in India, so the prevalent car dealership network and timely after-sales service ought to be at par.

Talking loan, the Activa is priced at Rs 53,716 while the Navi brings a price tag of Rs 42,824 (both rates ex-showroom, Mumbai). The heart would rank the Navi greater, on the back of much better velocity, nimble qualities in traffic and the cool styling. Exactly what makes its case even more powerful is that it is less expensive by practically Rs 11,000; an amount for which a trainee can acquire something like a good mobile phone.

However exactly what the Navi does not have is the functionality of the Activa in regards to storage area. The Activa is likewise amongst the very best reselling two-wheelers in the nation, something that stays unanswered with the Navi, as it will have a limited audience.

As a young college goer, numerous would be lured to purchase the Navi ahead of the Activa. However will it similarly impress the gentleman who is going to sign the cheque for it? Go on and attempt!