Why I decided to take the Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program!

I am a house maker who has educational background as a Master of Business Administration specialized in Human Resources moved from India to Sweden following my spouse.I was so terrified with the Swedish language barrier to come out for a job in the new world I settled as a House Maker.I lost confidence in getting a right kind of job with my educational background. I started to spend most of my time in the kitchen and slowly developed a passion in cooking which made me to come out and learn Swedish and started career as a cook.I have also realized being cook is not easy job with my time limitations. When I started again thinking what are my strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and education, I realized why I have not explored my education effectively and may be some opportunities are there as world is changing quite fast now. My MBA degree doing nothing just sleeping in my closet.I questioned myself who i am?where i am now?What i am now?Developing a passion in something i came out in this terrified world and developed a career in it, why i didn’t do the same thing with my knowledge and educational degree?. One day I heard from my spouse about Udacity and digital marketing course and I realized it could be a path to explore a passionate career with my time limitation as I am mother of two kids. My schedule is so hard with the family and the work but Digital marketing Nano course is making me to think and improve my skills.

This program will be a valuable support to me to get into the professional career which I am looking for. This program provides required help with the mentor and the slack community. The mentor is very supportive and helpful as and when required. This course will provide a platform for me to reestablish my professional goals. The digital marketing nano degree is provided with support from top product companies like google, Facebook, etc. There is a greater opportunity to work with these companies once course is completed. I am just excited about the future opportunities this course will enable for me.