3 ways we goofed up — Part 2

Why do I have a feeling that every time we set out to do something, Mr. Murphy blesses us :D

ABCdays is my startup where we bring you Fun+Creative art parties every Sunday, in Bangalore. In our first edition, we noted goof-ups such as missing White colour, going through power cut and canceling Uber ride because of our five-feet tall metal easels.

For our second edition that concluded last afternoon, we made a new set of mistakes. Here’s how:

  1. Ticket Sales — We believed everybody who called us up, tweeted at us, sent us SMS saying that they’ll come. Since we accept online payments, we should have pushed harder to ensure that reservations are made before the day of the event. Last-minute change of plans, waking up late on a Sunday morning, anything could have resulted in not showing up after committing.
  2. Ambiguous Guests — When we received a call asking if live tweeting and clicking pictures was allowed, our answer was affirmative. Oh wait! Two girls who were journalism students showed up only to live tweet and not attend the event at all! We feel bad for stopping you mid way through your photo assignment, girls. But we could not have let you do it at the cost of our five-year old guest and others feeling uncomfortable with your camera. Did we mention that we delayed our schedule so as to accommodate you, only to realize that you came for the pictures!
  3. Pricing — We were bleeding at a ticket price of Rs 599 in the last event. It’ll remain a hobby and never take off as a sustainable startup if we do not have revenues. So we priced it at Rs 999 which gave us enough breathing space for art supplies, artist host, venue cost and promotional cost involved. There is no way we can bring this down.

Our next painting party is slated for 3rd October, 11am-1pm at Atta Galatta in Koramangala. To reserve your seats, click here: https://www.instamojo.com/WowSurprises/abcdays-painting-party-at-atta-galatta/

We are pushing hard to make this happen. We do hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.