Rads Poha

Being Brave, Not Perfect

My month-old venture Rads Poha is making me brave each day, while I am far from being perfect on it. Totally resonates with Reshma Saujani’s TED talk here. Here are 5 things which aren’t perfect:

  1. Perception: Poha is available for Rs 20 at so and so place, you know. Of course, I do! Is it the same taste? Is the quantity filling enough for you? Do you get a variety of options to choose from? Can you get it delivered at that price point? We all know the answers by now.
  2. Delivery: Since there’s no way we can afford our own delivery fleet, we outsource it. While our service provider is helpful, it is difficult even for them to get delivery boys before 11am. We haven’t reached a stage where we could commit on number of orders per day and get dedicated resources from them. So each time there is an order, I need to look for a delivery boy online and only when somebody is around, can I book them. It takes time for a human to come to the cloud kitchen, pick up the order, pay me firstif it is Cash on Delivery (later collect it from the customer), beat the traffic, navigate the maps, find a parking, make an entry at your society’s register and then ring your doorbell.
  3. Pricing: ‘Oh but quantity of Poha should have been more because it was expensive’. ‘Of course I was completely filled with one portion, but since the price was more, I feel I could have got more’. I have heard that a few times by now. You know why? Because I call up every single user who orders from us. These are the things that don’t scale but must be done. My only answer to this — If you are happy with the quality and filled with the portion, my job is done. The money that you pay is not just for Poha. You also pay for packaging, delivery and human resource who is a chef cum customer support cum marketing wizard (fine, that’s unpaid resource currently).
  4. Ordering: We have a web presence which is a refurbished version of my last startup's website. Since I didn’t want to block money upfront on a new URL, it continues to be wowsurprises.com We divert our organically generated demand to our website. Quite often, people like to order on mobile for its user friendliness, that’s how we end up getting the same order from our channel partner — TinyOwl.
  5. Packaging: While I am confident of churning out a better label, I didn’t have the patience to wait out a few more hours before I could go to the printer, so we have what you see on the box! There is most certainly a better one coming up as soon as we exhaust these.

Rads Poha is a bootstrapped startup that brings you fresh, healthy and yummy Poha in Bangalore. We deliver only on Saturdays & Sundays from 8am — 1pm. Bulk orders are accepted on all days. We’d love to have an offline presence to connect with you better. But for now, here’s a virtual high-five from our cloud kitchen!

Stay awesome!


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