Carpool aka UberPool

Mumbai Locals are deeply missed in the city that I now call home. They were convenient, saved time, came light on the pocket and allowed strangers to open up their lives in front of you, all in one ride. Life moved fast on the Slow local and it could slow down on a Fast local, depending on where your thoughts and conversations take you. There’s something that fills in that void in Bengaluru. It goes by the name of UberPool.

UberPool allows you to share your ride and split the cost of your trip with another Uber rider headed in the same direction. This can lead to an additional trip time though. But mostly, it leads to interesting conversations, amazing insights and a great start to the day or a wonderful wrap up to the evening.

Having been a regular with UberPool in the last six months, it’s time to share the stories that I cherish. First meetings do leave a lasting impression, after all. At the time of writing this post, Uber had not sponsored this content.

Kickstarting a Series of posts on ridesharing experiences, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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