My Take on Life.

People in my life rarely ask me questions which unsettle me. It’s always the usual “Wassup?” There are times I am left wondering,’Why is it that they never ask, How are you?’. I realise that even if I were to ask this question to them and get a lengthy answer in return; but I would be never offered with the same question.

Have we lost a genuine sense of concern and well-being for others in our lives? This question plagues my mind often.

My take on life has now become that of a spectator. I watch, I observe, I accept. I see things happen in my life and rarely question the event. Rarely reason. Just accept.

Hasn’t this acceptance got the better of me? Yes.

There is this undefined, intangible spirit in me that I have always felt is too innate and close to the soul. It has always been unbridled and carefree in ways of celebrating each moment, making the most of life- Be it in expressing love and concern towards others or being passionate and driven towards work. It goes with the Jockey’s tagline-All or Nothing.

This burning flame in my heart though now has pretty much diminished,if not completely extinguished. For reasons one too many. Be it the events in my life, the people I am close to and so on.

Though now lately, I have become aware of the fact that I am a passive spectator to the events in my own life. I have recently started acknowledging that there is no good that is really going to happen to me by being this passive spectator blaming everyone and anything that comes in my way for my dissatisfaction in life.

So for a long time, my take on life was Robert Frost’s famous quote-“In three words,I can sum up everything I have learned about life:It goes on”.

Though a lovely quote, it was somewhere an excuse for inaction and lack of courage to take the necessary risks in life. Also an excuse for not really finding the things in life that I would like to pursue career wise.

I realise that I no longer want to play victim to life’s whims and fancies and actually take charge and not be easily disheartened.

Life till now by and large has been more of an outsider’s perspective. For example, very few truly know the extent to which I loathe stereotypes existing in the society regarding various issues. Be it gender bias to labelling a person as so-&-so. I believe people are truly unique and must be respected and accepted for who they are. Also, very few know that I love dancing and nurture a passion even today, so much so that it no longer just a passion,it is catharsis. But all said and done, where am I actively living my beliefs and passions?

My take on life is slowly changing towards a different trajectory(hopefully a good one) wherein I wish to work on myself and gradually evolve into a more aware, grateful person who feels good to be alive.And not just let life flash by in front of my eyes. Because I realise if I don’t feel happy about myself end of the day, I can never truly happy or grateful about life, the people in it, my work, everything.

“Leave this world a little better than you found it”- a quote by Robert Baden Powell.

I personally believe that each individual has the power to take charge of their lives and change the course of their lives if they truly intend to. And I feel like I intend to do so definitely.