Happiness Is…

What is Happiness? Well, don’t worry, I’m no giving any definition here, coz happiness has different definitions for everyone. For me, it is making someone smile or making someone happy, coz that gives my heart an immense pleasure & happiness and brings a relaxed smile on my face.
There is this little kid in my society, who comes early in the morning with his mother, who works as a house-help and cooks for some people in our society and they leave late after 10 pm. I feel very attached to that little kid, and trust me he is really cute. He will sit in the society’s garden and will study all the time. He goes to a nearby school and then will attend a coaching class post that. In the evening, he will roam around or will play with other kids or else will knock my door and ask me to talk to him on any topic. Everyone knows him in the society and loves him a lot. Everyone have great expectations from him; that he will become a great person when he will grow up. It feels as if he lives in everyone’s heart. Anyone who doesn’t see him even for a day, will start inquiring about his whereabouts.

Recently, something amazing happened. A few days back, he turned 10 yrs old, it was his birthday. I became super excited and thought to do something special for him. I discussed with few people in the society, and we decided to give him a surprise party. He was thrilled, excited, and the happiest to see what everyone had planned for him. He had a huge smile on his face, he received gifts from everyone and when the party was over; he came to me and gave a sweet kiss on my cheeks and said “Thank You Di! Because of you, I had the best birthday!” That smile on that innocent face made me smile from my heart. I was happy because he was happy.
For me, happiness is to make others happy. I sometimes visit the orphanage, to meet those little kids and play with them, and talk to them, because this makes them feel happy and at peace. My mother says ‘when you make someone happy, they somehow bless you from deep inside. Never be selfish, just be selfless, and see the magic!’ You know parents teach us many things by saying or doing something.

I have a friend, for whom happiness is travelling. He will visit some or the other place every alternate month and will capture lots of pictures. He states ‘Travelling makes me learn new things, new cultures and always gives me some amazing memories and a new story every time. Travelling gives me happiness!’
Happiness is something which everyone has to find and live with always. Coz, when you are happy you keep yourself at peace and see the world with new perspective. If you are happy, you can do so many things which can bring change in others life.

I will just say that try to do what gives you happiness and makes you smile from your heart. As happiness is a source of a happy life. It is not important that big things will only give happiness; try to search it in the little-little things too. I’m sure you will find your happiness in it too. And if someday you felt happy from the heart by making others happy, you will get to know how much pleasure it gives.

Well thank you for reading and bearing me till the end.

Today is last day (10th day) of my blog marathon. And from now I will be posting once in one-two weeks, until I start a blog marathon again.

Will be back with another post in a week or so.

Till then take care…

With Love…

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