Mumbai: A city which never sleeps

Mumbai: a city which never sleeps. So true…
No matter what time it is, take a walk on the road and you won’t feel alone. You will definitely have the company of strangers roaming nearby busy with their own stuff. Though the heat here is pathetic, you will feel like staying inside your house under AC or else in the bathroom having a bath, but the evening will be soothing.
I was working on my article and was so lost and busy that didn’t realize what the time is. When I finally winded up everything, it was already 2am in clock. It was so hot that I needed a bath for a peaceful sleep with a non-sticky skin. After my bath I thought I should get some air, before heading to bed. So I went out to my balcony. It was 2:15 am by then and vehicles on road were still running with full speed honking as if its 8–9pm of night. It was not surprising for me. I am used to it now. People were walking on road and were laughing.
I felt so fresh and alive, my body was not tired at all now, and sleep was nowhere. I felt I should go down for a walk on the road. But what will I do walking alone on the road at this time? As the people who were down there were in the group and were enjoying. I felt like waking up my roommate and asking her to go out with me. But she was sleeping so peacefully that I decided not to wake her up.
I closed the balcony door, and came back to bed, but sleep was nowhere. I was just twisting and turning in my bed. So I finally gave up. I got up and picked my phone, it showed 2:30am. It doesn’t matter I thought. I dialed a number. After 2 missed calls he picked up the 3rd call almost in tension that why I’m calling him at this time.
Is everything alright? He asked.
Yes, It’s just that I’m not sleepy and I want to roam out. Can you come? I asked.
At this time? All ok with you right? Sure! He asked again.

And after some conversation, he agreed to come. I just combed my hair, I was looking fresh already because of the bath and I smelled so good, so no deo needed. Within 15 minutes he came and we left.
After roaming on road for half an hour, he finally parked his bike near a beach. The clock showed 3:20am, and people were still there. Sitting, talking, walking, some were just playing in water. We just walked and sat after few minutes.
A tea vendor came and we took our cups. I was enjoying the fresh air that was sweeping across my face, it looked so pleasant and I loved it. We sat there for long discussing so many things which we couldn’t in past few weeks. It was almost after a month, we met and it was lovely to meet like this. And we enjoyed ourselves. I don’t know how much tea I took from that vendor after small intervals while discussing random things with him.
It was 5am when he got up and asked me if I want to walk or jog. I looked at him wondering if he was serious or was joking. But nope, he asked me seriously. I preferred brisk walking as I always hated to jog, so we got up and started our early morning walk. We kept on talking and talking and after half an hour we headed back for home. People were still there on roads and beach and vehicles.
Come up, I will make coffee. I said.

No my dear little sister, your roommate and my girlfriend is sleeping and if she found out that we were out whole night, she will kill me. He said.
Why? I mean you were out with your sister and not anyone else, right. I argued.
Yup, but last night she asked me to spend time with her and I said I was busy. And you know girlfriends doubt every bro-sis relation which is not blood-related. For example us. He said as he kicks off his bike.
We smiled at each other and he left. I knew I’m not allowed to tell my roommate that I was out the whole night with her boyfriend who is my best friend cum muh-bola-bhai. I walked inside as I passed a bunch of uncles of my building walking out to join their group in the garden nearby for morning exercise.

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