My Dad! My Hero!

My papa is my hero! Well honestly, I don’t doubt it at all. But then you will say that, for every girl her father is the hero! Maybe! I don’t know about others, I just know about my dad! He is a police officer and a workaholic. So, he sometimes travels for his work or will come home late. But that’s ok, as after all, at least he is with me for some time.

I remember, when I was a kid and was learning to read from books, every night after coming from work, he will ask me to read to him atleast one sentence and I, very proudly will do that in my broken words which I might not know the meaning or pronunciation of. He will smile and as a reward will feed me from his own hands.

When I grew up a little (just a little), I would sometimes do this drama of telling maa that I’m not feeling hungry and then after an hour or so, when Paa will sit for the dinner and I will repeat the same dialogue he will ask me to just taste the food and would feed me from his hands and then I will eat the whole dinner from his hands. Honestly, food tastes better when parents feed you by their own hands.

Once when I was 10 yrs old or so, I wanted to eat cutlets and my mom who had already prepared the dinner, was trying to convince me that she will cook them for me next morning, but nope! I wanted to eat them right away. My poor dad, who just came back from the office tired and waiting for the dinner to be served, changed his clothes and took me to a restaurant, I happily ate cutlet and we came back home and he ate the home-cooked food. That weekend, my maa cooked cutlets in the breakfast and trust me that tasted so much better than the ones I had in the restaurant.

There are loads and lots of memories I have with my parents. But, to write them all needs a lot of patience and for you all it will become a task to read. My dad is a real life hero, not just for me but for all those, whom he had done justice to, by his work and dedication towards right over wrong. I love him, coz he is the most dedicated person I have ever seen and because there is no reason why I shouldn’t love this person who always cared for his family and worked hard for us every single day. His habit of walking into my room just to see me sleeping in peace has decreased now because, now we don’t live in the same city, but his love for his family will never decrease.

This was my story with my dad! What’s yours?

Share with me!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I will be back soon! (Monday maybe! As weekend is here)

Till then take care!

With Love…

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