The Homework Story

Hi everyone!

I was thinking that what will happen if I start writing daily? But then for that I need something to write on! So I came up with an idea. Everyday, I will pick a prompt from google and will write on it. Sounds interesting to me!

So my 1st Prompt is? #Prompt 1: In an ironic twist, a dog really ate your homework. When you try to explain this to your teacher she says, “Come on, you can do better than that excuse.” Instead of arguing, you take that as a challenge and come up with an elaborate story as to what happened to your homework. Let us hear it.

My teacher was looking at me and I was thinking a lot on what shall I tell her if she isn’t believing my dog story which was genuinely true this time. I looked at her and yes she was patiently waiting for me to speak up. I looked out of the window and as if a cool breeze touching my face has delivered the idea to me. I took a deep breath and started narrating something which actually never happened.

As you know it was weekend, and I so wanted to complete the homework, so that I can enjoy the weekend thoroughly, I decided to lock myself in the room, but before I could do so, dad came in and asked me to pack my stuffs as we were going somewhere for the weekend.

But dad my homework? I asked.

Oh! you can do that there, take your books along if you want! He replied.

No! I didn’t want to take my books, but had to as the homework wasn’t completed yet. So I packed my stuffs and we left for the beach house which is owned by my dad’s friend. We all were enjoying thoroughly.

It was late afternoon and everyone went inside the house, I thought to sit at the beach and complete my homework within an hour or so. I was almost near the end of the homework and was about to write the last paragraph when I head a loud scream form the house. Without a second thought, I ran inside the house to check.

It was from my uncle’s daughter who screamed just because she saw a stupid lizard. I felt like yelling at her, but I didn’t, and I walked out of the house towards the beach where I was working on my homework.

But to my horror, I was unable to find my papers and my stationary anywhere. I’m not sure if it got stolen or the sea took it away.

I finished my fiction story and looked at her with puppy eyes. She seemed concerned. She walked towards me and kept her hand on my shoulder and with a low and slow voice she said ‘it’s ok! It wasn’t your fault!’

And with this she started with her regular lectures…

I hope you all have enjoyed reading this story which came up from the prompt. Stay tuned to read more stories and I will try to write one daily/weekly for a month.

Till then take care!

With Love…

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