6.1 App Screen 3(UI + Backend)

So here is my third and last screen .

After filling in the details and clicking on place order the order gets placed.

You can also logout from here or go-to the menu page.

For its backend i simply made a insert query by retrieving all the values from the form and inserting them in the database.

function placeorder()
{ var objects={};
 var data = {};
 var fname=document.getElementById(“fname”).value;
 var lname=document.getElementById(“lname”).value;
 var mobile=document.getElementById(“mobile”).value;
 var email=document.getElementById(“email”).value;
 var houseno=document.getElementById(“houseno”).value;
 var streetno=document.getElementById(“streetno”).value;
 data[“type”] = “insert”;
 data[“args”] = {};
 data[“args”][“table”] = “orderdetails”;
 data[“args”].objects = [{“user_id”:parseInt(getCookie(“hasura_id”)),”fname”:fname,”lname”:lname,”mobile”:mobile,”email”:email,”houseno”:houseno,”streetno”:streetno,}]; }

You can check out my app at app.radhika.hasura.me.

Please feel free to give comments and feedback.

Link to my App idea

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