5 Open Maths Contest That Every Student Should Take up

For every school student, maths is an important language. The very common reason being wherever they head in life, irrespective of the industry or profession, all requires a minimum of mathematical qualification. So to assess your kids approach to Mathematics Classes, you may think depending on the school teacher or private tutor is enough.

Well, that’s school and coaching will reflect your child’s academic achievements. To set him strong and be ahead of others in the subject of maths, its best to let them appear in competitive exams.

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You may think competitive exams happen only after school or graduation. That’s untrue. There are many Mathematics oriented competitive exams that open door for students from any school or background. Usually they have strict age limits and also offer good prizes for potential students.

Have a look at the five maths based competitive exam that every Indian student can opt for during their school days:

Maths Olympiad

Olympiads are held by many organisations yet the one by Scientific Olympiad Foundation and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education are considered the toughest ones. Register your kid and be prepared for a poor performance at the first go. Yet, as one gets acquainted to the Olympiad maths question style and opt for it again and again, they are sure to crack it over time. The maths Olympiad of India is funded by the Department of Atomic Energy and Government of India.

NLSTSE : National Level Science Talent Search Exam

At the beginning of every year, in the month of January Unified Council organises NLSTSE for students from Class II — XII. With a registration fee of Rs.115, you can let your child enter a national level challenge. The NLSTSE conducts exams on varied subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and General Questions. Students from India, Yeman, Kuwait,Tanzania, Oman, Iran, Qatar, UAE, KSA, Indonesia and Nepal participate in the NLSTSE exam.

NIMO: National Interactive Maths Olympiad

NIMO is not an exam alone. It follows with interactive seminar where renowned mathematician and scientists aim to make maths an easy subject for the young people. Students from Class I to XII, can participate in NIMO though the syllabus varies according to the pupils age or class. Devised by NCERT, students from any board can participate in this open competition conducted online, usually around February.

Madhava Mathematics Competition (MMC)

S. P. College (Pune) along with Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (TIFR), Mumbai organizes MMC under the initiative of National Board for Higher Mathematics, an open entrance exam aimed for B. Sc students. With a registration fee of Rs.50. Students can take up the MMC opportunity conducted in 12 regions across the country including Pune, Ahmednagar, Nasik, Kolkata, Allahabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Hyderabad, Ernakulum, and Goa.

SIAM Student Paper Competition

SIAM exam simultaneously judges mathematical and computing knowledge of Phd students, where each student is eligible to submit only one paper for consideration. To participate in the SIAM content, each candidate has to submit an abstract in English (not exceeding five pages), a short vitae, a letter from the Department Chair or Advisor attesting to the fact that the student(s) meet the conditions of the contest and a recommendation from advisor you consider for the project.

So, from the very start of school till your university, there are several alternative ways to boast your Mathematical skills. Encourage your kid from the very start to participate in these open contests for more experience and sharped knowledge. The outcome beholds a positive impact on their career.