Cooking with The Earth Food !

Before we begin this beautiful culinary experience, I must admit OUT LOUD- I AM NOT A FAN OR A BELIEVER OF ORGANIC Or RESIDUE FREE PRODUCE. It’s really expensive and has some sort of gimmick value for sale. But having said that, pure, fresh ingredients/produce leads to tasty food and I am slowly starting to test out the organic bandwagon.

A couple of weeks ago, a local organic veggie service called The Earth Food sent over some choice veggies and fruits! I began on a culinary journey and created some yummy food for the folks at home. And here is where my shift to organic produce began.

What is The Earth Food?

A veggie delivery service in Pune which has their own set of farms at the outskirts in Malthan. It’s hygienic,residue free and minimally touched by human hands to avoid any sort of contamination( copied straight from the website!). They follow G.A.P practices and get them to your doorstep within 8 hours. Ordering veggies online is a miracle innovation in the e-commerce business and is a life saver!

Check them out on

What did I get?

A selection of Indian and exotic veggies. The cherry tomatoes caught my eye first!

My happy veggies!

For the next 2 weeks, I tried to make as many dishes with these veggies- pizza was first on my list!

What did I make?

Homemade pizza came first.

While the dough is fairly easy to make, the sauce isn’t. In India, we get especially watery tomatoes- which gives the sauce a tangy taste no doubt, but retaining texture is difficult.

This time though, I used the cherry tomatoes and added a dash of celery too.

The result? Perfectly balanced sauce with non-watery texture. Also, the celery adds such a unique flavor! I cannot stress the importance of how much fresh basil can affect taste. OMG, SO FREAKING GOOD.

This pizza is a regular at home now. So much so that we have actually STOPPED ordering pizza from/at restaurants now! Secret to the perfect sauce- CHERRY TOMATOES. Loads of them!

The next couple of days went by in eating up the papaya, making baingan bharta and stuffed bhindi!

My go to recipe for stuffed bhindi comes from Nisha Madhulika on YouTube. Add besan, coriander powder, turmeric, garam masala, salt and roast till golden. Stuff in bhindis and cook on a low flame till crispy.

The escapade ended with- Mixed Veg Thai Curry With Lemongrass. The fresh lemongrass has a great kick which compliments the coconut milk. I absolutely cannot have store brought lemon grass anymore!

Did I love The Earth Food?

Yes. Their veggies are of premium quality and it DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN FLAVOR! They are fresh, packed well and delivered promptly. In the mood for a good pesto, I suggest making it fresh at home.

Unfortunately- I haven’t had the time to order from them again yet, but hope to do so real soon. Currently checked their website- their selection is kinda small, but gets refreshed regularly, even the exotic ones.

What’s it gonna cost you?

Not too much difference between these and the regular sabjiwala. Bhindis start at Rs 25 for 250 gms.

The veggies were sponsored by The Earth Food, but all opinions are my own.

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