Honey I shrunk the work load: The New Mommy Chronicles

My little bundle of awesomeness- Vedant was born about 2 months ago and since then, life as we know it as taken a massive turn. A turn for the best. The road to child happiness is riddled with late night feeds, diaper changing, not knowing the different types of crying, the marital bed breakup and so on! Hey, all mommies in the world face this head on, so my case isn’t any different. I am writing this post as the baby is sleeping and I have one hour before I have to do the whole feeding cycle again.

Motherhood is great- challenging, tests your patience and changes you and your relationships every single day. It defines you as a person , as most other mothers would say. But to me, being a parent is freaking great, but its not enough. It makes up for 50% of my character and the other half belongs to my job/career. Before parenthood, I was a freelancer in Pune in content development and had a fairly good set of regular clients. Since mine is a more work-from-home situation, I could carry on all through my pregnancy without any issues at all.

Come the baby and 24 hours in a day aren’t enough. I was and still am surprised at how fast each day goes! After 2 months of nothing but staring at my cutie son, paediatrician visits, nose cleaning etc , the working itch started to return. After carefully assessing the situation- i took one a couple of projects which amounted to about 4 hours of work everyday. I had to have a change in routine. Me and the hubby couldn’t even go out for dinner or a movie without the baby and marital bliss thoda fell apart. The work saved my sanity, going beyond just diaper changes! Now, don’t get me wrong,- I love spending time with my kid, but I wanted more.

So mothers out there, with us being the primary caregiver, how do we manage work and parenthood? With a lot of help. Thank god my parents are here for about 5 months to help with the baby. Ladies, do not shy away from help. A maid, parents, in laws, friends, neighbors- take help wherever you get it. The saying is true- it takes a village to raise a child! What did help me ease back into the routine is setting the expectations well and not overwhelming yourself. Set hourly goals and work towards it. Don’t let the madness take over, but at the same time, don’t take the easy lazy way out either.

On an average, it will take any new mommy to get back to work in 3 months at the earliest. Me being a freelancer, the home setup worked out great, but i couldn’t let it take the best of me.Keeping the end goal in mind is very helpful. Do not listen to the world. Do not listen to anyone but yourself when you want to go back to your job again. A happy mommy will have a happy baby!

I have been working only for about 3 weeks now. And somedays am already exhausted. But the energy of life and a thorough checklist greatly helped me out. You can do it too. Just ease yourself into it.

This article was first published on SheThePeople on 1st May 2017.

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