Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosions!

Three explosions hit Borussia Dortmund`s bus while the team was approaching their stadium for the Champions League quarterfinal against Monaco. The Dortmund police reported that it was a targeted attack and ISIS might have something in common with the situation. It was the worst possible moment, especially for the team. The stadium was already full and all fans were waiting for the teams to come out to the pitch. At the same time all players were trying to focus for this important game and the explosions scared them. One of the players, Marc Bartra, got injured and had to be sent to the hospital. His right hand got cuts and needed stitches in the hospital. Some of the side windows of the bus got destroyed, too. After the horror attack players from the bus got interviewed and said that they had no idea what was happening and how to react. Their faces were scared and did not know if they will be able to play. The game got postponed for today and Borussia Dortmund lost 2:3. It looks like that all that reflected negatively to the team and it was obvious that the players were still thinking about this. A further investigation will be taken into place to understand what really happened.

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