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Apr 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Have you ever given it a thought — the medicines or the nutritional supplements you take may be contaminated with toxic elements? Most of us don’t do that. However, the crude reality is that most of these substances are laden with potential toxic elements that may be harmful over a long period. Dr. Bob Marshal has uncovered this truth through his years of painstaking effort. He suffered from a incurable disease himself. Doctors had given up hopes for his life. However, he was undaunted and set on a journey to get behind the process of manufacturing of nutritional supplements and food concentrates. Being a certified clinical nutrition himself and a long time President of International as well as American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, it helped his cause. What he found out was that the binding or filling agent used in almost all nutritional supplements, food concentrates and medicines are more often than not toxic substances. He went on to develop the concept of pristine nutrition. He opines that for a nutritional supplement to provide optimum nutrition to the body, it needs to follow a set of criteria. All the Premier Research Labs products are based on this set of criteria.

Cellular Resonance

Dr. Bob Marshal suggests that every cell has a natural frequency and it is unique to that cell. If the nutritional supplement ingested by the cell has the same frequency, cellular resonance develops. In such a case, the nutritional elements are completely ingested by the cell. This is said to be very good for your health since it boosts cellular performance. All the Premier Research Labs Supplements are so designed and manufactured that they are able to bring about cellular resonance in the concerned tissues. This helps the concerned body system to assimilate the product completely and thereby cure the problem.

Pristine Nutrition

What is pristine nutrition? Dr. Bob Marshal says that most of the nutritional supplements and food concentrates available in the market are not pristine. These are contaminated with toxic chemicals. These drugs or supplements use a binder to bind the nutrition molecules and these are mostly toxic in nature. These are also known as excipients which more often than not are responsible for the ill effects of nutritional supplements and food concentrates. However, you can hardly avoid these since almost all nutritional supplements contain these chemicals. This is how the idea of pristine nutrition came into being. Dr.Bob Marshal started designing excipient free nutritional supplements and food concentrates. All the Premier Research Labs products are made in such a way that they are excipient free.

Quantum Quality

You need quantum quality ingredients to manufacture products that can result in cellular resonance. The ingredients for all Premier Research Labs Supplements are taken from live sources which are completely organically grown. This ensures that there is no toxin in these ingredients. Whether it is beet root or anything else it must be cultivated completely organically. This is likely to give rise to cellular resonance which is necessary for achieving wholesome nutrition. The ingredients for all the Premier Research Labs products are of quantum quality.

Quality Testing

The ingredients of all the products coming out of Premier Research Labs are tested with 4-polarity testing before being used in manufacturing of nutritional supplements. This makes sure that the final product is free from toxic material.

Quantum Coherence

This is one of the guiding principles of producing premier research labs products. The concept revolves around the idea that nutritional supplements and food concentrates need to reciprocate to the natural quantum coherence of body. Premier Research Labs Supplements are based on this principle. This means that all the raw materials selected for producing the nutraceutical formulations must be 100% quantum state elements. When the raw materials are in 100% quantum state, they are the most stable. Only such stable elements can offer quantum state nutrition to cells of your body. In essence the raw material needed for producing nutriceutical products must abide by quantum coherence so that the final product also abides by quantum coherence and offers optimum nutrition.


Research labs manufacture a range of neutraceutical formulations for different bodily systems. It also produces food concentrates that help different organs of the body achieve pristine health.

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