Need of Merchant Account to Raise the Revenue!!

Scroll up Your Sales Margin with Radiant Pay Online Merchant Account.

Merchant account is a type of bank account for accepting electronic payments with credit and debit cards. With online merchant account you can transact your payment directly in your personal bank account within 2 business days. A merchant account is recognized under a contract between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the clearance of payment card transactions. While buying any product online we use card payment to pay for the goods we buy. Now the credit card transaction are sent to the acquiring bank for authorization, capture and deposit.

Know the back ground of your customers

Increasing sales with new customers is the winning sign of any business organization. Study about the customers back ground and analysis them who are the best customers and what they want from you. This can help you to improve your customer satisfaction and increase more sales to your existing customers.

Some of the business organization used CRM based software to analysis the useful information about the customers and prompt opportunities to add more sales with new locations you need to improve.

What are the function of merchant account?

The process and the system of a merchant account are different from another merchant account processor.

Some Of the Merchant Banking Function are as here

Creates promotional Activities;

The merchant account is act as a promoter of your enterprise, it helps the business in identifying of project, preparing reports and government approvals and incentives.

Credit Syndication;

It helps the business to provide special services like loan applications for long and short term finance from different bank and financial institutions.

Leasing and Financing;

Many merchant bankers provide hiring and finance facilities to their customers. Also helps the business by raising the funds in the way of public deposit.