Growing up on Grizzly Peak
Dan Moore

Beautiful story Dan.

At 25, I had a similar experience…on a house tour in an up and coming posh upstate rural county, I had to sit down as an alternative to collapsing from envy, a feeling I’d never had before [or since] — or perhaps desire. Just HOW could these people live like this, and why wasn’t I experiencing the same? Not unattainable, these were middle class /upper middle class professionals, and me a laborer, a factory worker, an artist; but why was I living in a hovel with very little way clear ahead.

More than 25 years later I live in comparable rural domesticity, with a meaningful life, whatever that is, but I wonder really — what are we looking at, what are we looking for — across the bay, or on the house tour — what did we see that we didn’t already have?