Jason — very nice job identifying two of the culprits in a sad chapter in history.
John Burke

Your thoughts re MADD, alcohol, and the American Puritanical shunning of ‘intoxicants’ are spot on. Not only do we have this unspeakably corporate/ criminal Oxy/heroin culture, we also live in denial about the alcohol issues for young people, ie binge drinking. That is a direct correlation to only partially accurately named rape culture — it would be better to pan back and recognize it for alcohol and drug abuse ‘culture’.

Every so often there’s some noise about the issues around alcohol and binge drinking, the issues around Oxy/heroin, like the original article here, a great piece of writing and synthesis. Yet to move against the might of pharmaceutical marketing power, who are just this side of Orwellian ‘Addiction=Health!’, as they too launder their billions in the Caymans, is a quixotic. Will it be the revolving door of regulators and drug company execs who take a stand? Insert something about foxes and chicken coops.

It is the old people like myself and perhaps you who has had such a difficult personal connection to this, who can make the difference. I vaguely recall that was how MADD got started as well — while I agree with your assessment of their unintended consequences — the reality is that they quickly became an effective organization. How did they do it? What’s next, then? What is the answer? Then what is the question?