Find Where You Fit In. Find Love. I Did After 32 Years Of Searching. I Love You, Comedy.
Pat Oates

I feel you. You’re the first person to read my post on Medium. Thanks for stopping by and following. None of us are nobodies. To your son and daughter, you are the best that the universe can offer. Showering them with love because you don’t have the finances to shower them with gifts. No shame in that. Gifts are replaceable whereas love isn’t. Years down the road, your children will reminisce every single moment of love you displayed to them. I myself am a father of three and from what you’ve written, I feel as though I’m in the same boat as you. Except you had the courage to step out and do what you love. Keep going my friend. The world is bound to notice a man with singular devotion and passion to perhaps human kind’s greatest medicine — comedy.