can’t see behind the veil that is situated in front. can’t see beyond the system. how can you deal with people who don’t bother to ask? who knows that there is indeed something wrong with this world yet just play along with the whole shenanigan because they can’t come up with an alternative?

how long do we have to be fooled? power begets power. those on top are ever so greedy wanting to accumulate as much as they can. unwilling to let go. always clutching and grabbing whatever comes in their grasp. it’s a scary world we’re living in. we all have to see. my mind cannot fathom how it is that the Kim dynasty has stayed in power in North Korea for the past 72 years. it is simply unbelievable. i’d think that people would revolt and break free from their misery. what are they clinging on to? what makes them stay in the living hell they’re in? brainwashing is the worst form of torture that you can subject a person to. when an individual has not been shown any other alternative, when there is only one narrative available, of course the said person will do all in his power to cling on to the story of his life. that’s the only world he has seen and lived in. that’s the only world he can think of.

you’re living in water. you’re fish. fish don’t know it’s in water. fish don’t question that it’s in water. at the same time, fish don’t jump out of water. it instantly knows that it’ll be met with death when it’s out of the water it’s in. so while there’s much talk of how we turn a blind eye to the obvious, there’s criticism of us not even giving second thought to the ‘water’ we’re in, but maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.

fish is in water, but the water doesn’t suffocate. water is life-giving. water is life-saving. water enables all other activities to flourish. so liking us to a fish in water may be a bad metaphor. because once we acknowledge that the system is indeed like water to fish, then we, by the same token, have to come to terms with the fact that we can only escape the system at the expense of our lives. is that a prize we’re willing to pay?

so what if the fish doesn’t know it’s in water? does it get hurt? does it stop breathing? does it stop functioning? no. it thrives. it flourishes. but you take that water away, and boom, the fish is dead. so may be, that’s how it’s with the system. and may be that’s why we’re fed the fish/water analogy so much. yeah, you can ask about the water. you can think about the water. you can meditate on it. but don’t you dare jump out of it. only if you wish to terminate your life, you can escape from the water you’re in. are you ready? are you ready to make that ultimate sacrifice?

and i think most of us aren’t. so it’s time to come up with a better metaphor/analogy than fish/water. i don’t know what and i haven’t the time or brains to offer an alternative. but i’m just saying, just pointing out some things that i find amiss with the present analogy.

time to wrap up my ranting for the day.

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