Drawing a connection between monotheism and post-modernism

The creation of categories is a natural process of the human mind. To recognize patterns, and place those patterns into different groups would have been necessary for both the survival, and the development of cognitive abstraction in our ancestors. Anthropomorphization of categories was the birth of gods, beings governing and embodying forces beyond comprehension, be them natural or psychological. Gods and their worship would be a founding corner stone of culture.

These categories would then be abandoned for an overarching meta-category: the one true God, capital G, most famously pushed forward by the Abrahamic religions. Even one of the most polytheistic of religions, Hinduism, has a term for this idea: Brahman. This ultimate source that all flows from would be the only thing worth worshiping in the eyes of the Abrahamic religions. This dissolution of categories mirrors the break down of post-modernism.

Post-modernism lays waste to any notion of objective truth. It states that all claims of knowledge are a construct of the individual. Categories are abolished, with the overarching truth being this meta-category of noncategory-ness. While this is a interesting thought experiment, it doesn’t hold up where the rubber meets the road. All of perception is a construct, with your nervous system desperately trying to decipher the meager bits of information your sensory organs can scrub from your environment. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an objective reality. Your senses will encounter repetitions, and patterns will be discerned. Categories, things like sounds and colors, will be formed. Just because the color blue is interpreted differently across individuals, or human beings are incapable of perceiving all of the electromagnetic spectrum, does not mean blue isn’t real.

Hunter “Toto” Maats talks good deal about taking the good from ideologies to form your own person school of ‘mixed mental arts’. A take away I can make from post-modernism is that categories often fail us, but that does not mean they are useless. Reality is a holon, with each bit of it interconnected. Categories constantly bleed into each other, and any lines you draw are in the sand. That being said, you need to make use of what our biology is wired to do: discern patterns and find out how they fit into our subjective perspective, after all subjectivity is the basis of our reality in this existence. Our ancestors were only able to survive because they put things like snakes and big cats into the category of ‘bad for your health’.

P.S. Feel free to school me on the history of religion and postmodernism, both of these things I only a conceptual understanding of.