Intoxication And The Psychedelic Mind

Organized Western society and its political culture fears the “psychedelic mind” because psychedelic consciousness can change life as we know it. Yet, nothing can be more revolutionary and necessary as it censures the status quo and is considered taboo by the mainstream corporate conglomerate political parties and their news media puppets.

The “explorers” in the psychedelic realm, the “psychonauts”, grow their minds, expand their awareness as well as explore the imagination. However, psychedelic experimentation, practiced as scholarly research, is banned, taboo, even outlawed. In the West we may never learn how to cope with or learn from our mind’s “inner space.”

For example, Western culture cynics, or fault finders tend to be portrayed as dismissing the explorers, or psychonauts, as the “lunatic fringe” so the psychedelic mind will NEVER be taken seriously by the public. As usual the bad publicity leaves out the other side of the story so the public can be led to believe something else entirely, which will typically follow the agenda of values and beliefs of the person(s) controlling the medium and the message.

In all fairness to the cynics who generally dismiss psychonauts, the cynics may be finding fault with the psychonaut mentality to try and make psychedelic exploration better. This, of course, is conveniently left out of the message by those against psychedelic exploration of the mind by those who are in control, like corporate conglomerates, politicians or anyone else in control of information channels!

Oftentimes the public is led to see only the “negatives” of cynicism and not the “positives”. For example, the “lunatic fringe” is a negative description of psychonauts. However, a positive description would label psychonauts as the “fringe culture” and described as follows.

Since nothing innovative and awe-inspiring ever really happens in the center, all innovative change and powerful ideas seem to happen out on the “edges” where sparks fly and opposing edges meet! For example, if you travel into outer space faster than the speed of light, when you return to Earth you would only be a few years older than when you left Earth but actually hundreds of years will have already passed by on Earth when you return to Earth. This is Einstein’s theory of time and space.

If scientists did not already know Einstein’s theory of time and space to be fact, and if only the cynics’ negative perceptions of this theory of time and space were allowed to be adopted and reported on before it was ever theorized by Einstein and accepted by scientists everywhere, then Einstein’s theory of time and space would likely have been dismissed as just another invalid and unreliable idea from the lunatic fringe instead of the valid and reliable idea it is that came from the fringe culture.

This brings us to intoxication which is most often portrayed as a negative state of mind brought on by drugs and/or alcholol. However, the positive side of the story rarely, if ever, gets told because it does not suit those in control of the channels of information.

For example, people like accessing altered states of consciousness for intellectual, scientific, psychic, psychological, exotic, euphoric as well as self-help reasons. We feel intoxication helps us to discover our true hidden self, to understand dreams and to heighten our artistic perceptions. Of course, some of us just like to hallucinate and experience visions just for the fun of it.

Unlike what you may be led to believe, intoxication may produce, in some of us, some kind of happiness IF the user is not an abuser and uses self control and moderation in the process. Some say we were born with the impulse to experiment and alter our mind.