Rich People, Poor People And Neo-Capitalism

Economic recovery is when wages are kept low as possible for the “wage slaves” while the opulent few owner/operators just get richer. Slavery is NOT dead but alive and well, masquerading today as wage slavery. Ask any wage slave. REAL economic recovery occurs when people figure out what it takes to pick themselves up off the industrial scrap heap, reject the “rat race” and make it on their own to either become one of the opulent few, or decide instead that they would rather have a more fulfilling and satisfying life as opposed to making a money-driven, materialistic living!

The U.S. government’s and Wall Street’s idea of a growing economy may be very different from REAL progress made by working class people. The economy may be fine but the working class may not feel so fine at all. As long as consumers spend most all of their available income, the economy will look fine because of all the buying and selling of goods and services and business transactions taking place in the process.

However, if the economy is better off, are you, the consumer, better off, happier and feeling more secure? Spending most all of your income and our consumptive behavior, in general, does not necessarily equate into well-being. Genuine progress by how the working class may be advancing and “feeling” is left out of the government’s and Wall Street’s equation of determining just how well-off the U.S. economy may really be doing!

The key to getting rich and staying rich is holding on to your money plus always pay yourself first, as consumptive behavior becomes secondary to doggedly cultivating financial security and independence. Good, moderate and high income “wage” earners too often spend their accumulated wealth on things that have too little value or no REAL value!

Remember, the “typical” millionaire owns a small business and may not show many outward signs of being wealthy. He probably spends no more than $400 for a new suit and does not own an expensive watch. Believe it or not the most popular car among “typical” millionaires is a medium-priced sedan like a Ford, while the higher income, lower net-worth “wage slave” probably lives beyond his means and drives an expensive luxury car!

The “typical” millionaire does tend to shower their children and family with gifts yet their children do NOT tend to be as frugal when they grow up and often end up less affluent than their millionaire parents. The frugality and self-restraint that helped cultivate the parents’ wealth too often disappears with the children!

In America poor people may be considered middle class in much of Europe and other westernized cultures. The U.S. standard of living is so high that poor people in the U.S. do as well as many middle class Europeans especially in the area of creature comforts. Many of those classified as poor people in the U.S. own all the latest tech devices while middle class Europeans often cannot afford these luxuries. Many U.S. citizens think less of what it takes financially to keep healthy than they do about maintaining their cell phone services.

European workers may earn $30 an hour but $15 of it goes back to the government to support their nation’s social programs. In Third World countries, workers earn $1 an hour but save up to half of it because their government will not take care of them when they get old.

When it comes to society and social will, was there EVER a time when no person tried to force his political or social will on others? Can society flourish without coercion from the state and/or privileged classes? Was there EVER a time when there were no leaders surrounded by all the power hungry trappings of office, wealth, families or groups?


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