When you’re sat at a lake, far from a power socket, or camping with your family, a #WindupRadio is an excellent thing to have on-hand. For avid outdoorsmen, the wind-up radio is a must-have piece of equipment, capable of offering endless hours of entertainment and information.

However, while you might have looked into the benefits of clockwork radios before, the chances are you don’t know exactly where they came from, or why they’re such an important invention.

It turns out that the inventor of wind up radios wasn’t just looking for a way to give anglers and gardeners access to…

#CapitalRadio is by far one of the best-known broadcasting stations in the UK.

Just like other radio entities such as the BBC, Kiss FM, and Virgin Radio, the Capital Radio identity has evolved over the years, adapting to suit the needs of a changing audience and landscape.

Today, Capital Radio is a network of 11 independent stations spread throughout the UK, offering an exciting combination of networked and local programming. While 9 of the stations in the Capital Radio group belong to Global, another two are owned by Commincorp as part of a franchising agreement.

While most people are aware…

Get ready for an insight into #RadioHistory.

The BBC has always been a massive name in the broadcasting world within the UK. For many years, the British Broadcasting Corporation even had a total monopoly over the UK radio waves. That meant that the only way to listen to something that didn’t come from the BBC was to tune into pirate radio stations.

However, the BBC doesn’t just have a significant presence in the UK — it also exists in locations all around the globe too, thanks to the BBC World Service.

The BBC World Service is how news and information…

It’s tough to find someone who hasn’t heard of the Virgin brand these days.

While Virgin Radio might not have the heritage or history of the BBC in the UK — it’s still one of the best-known broadcasting stations today. What’s more, it’s also one of the most popular DAB networks in the world, hosting incredible programmes like the #ChrisEvans breakfast show.

However, while plenty of people have heard of Virgin Radio, few people know where the company came from, or how it evolved over the years.

Whether you’re an avid listener who always tunes in to hear Evans when…

How much do you know about #OnlineRadio?

Since Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio many decades ago, there’s been countless changes to the way that we enjoy radio broadcasting. Only a short while ago, the only way to find a new radio station was to twiddle with your radio dial until something showed up.

Now, thanks to online radio stations, you can find countless broadcasts from groups all around the world — each tailored to their specific genre or niche.

Today, the digital world provides a multitude of ways for people to access information and entertainment, ranging from social media to…

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of #InternetRadio.

It’s currently the easiest and most cost-effective way for companies to broadcast radio to listeners all around the world.

Building on the incredible beginnings of radio technology, online radio aims to eliminate some of the common problems of terrestrial radio. Not only does it provide consumers with a broader range of channels to tune into, but unlike FM and AM stations, internet broadcasting isn’t limited by geographical location.

As the world has grown increasingly digital, internet-based radio stations have soared in popularity. …

John Peel is one of the best-known characters in British radio history.

Along with people like Kenny Everett, John Peel helped to transform the music industry as we know it, championing some of the biggest bands and musical revolutions we’ve ever seen.

To some, Peel was one of the most important men in music culture history. To others, #JohnPeel is a name that’s best to be forgotten.

Today, we’re going to take a brief look into the story of John Peel, and why he’s such a significant figure in the radio industry.

Let’s peel back the curtains on this music…

Have you ever heard of #AmbientMusic?

It’s not the kind of sounds that you’ll listen to on BBC Radio 1, or as part of your weekly top 40. Ambient music fills the atmosphere around you, creating a feeling or mood without any repetitive chords or lyrics.

Ambient tunes are available in many different styles. Some are intended for emotional or physical healing, others are designed for sleep, and there are even those created to boost productivity.

This relaxing music can change your life, making it easier to fall asleep at night, and keep your mind on-task at work.

Here’s what…

The BBC has had a huge impact on radio history in the UK.

However, it’s not just the songs that the organisation has played that has changed the landscape as we know it, but the music that they chose not to play too.

The annals of #UKRadio are defined heavily by the songs that the BBC deemed to be “too risqué” for the British public. In fact, the censorship imposed on the music scene by the BBC was one of the main reasons why the UK saw the rise of things like pirate radio stations.

The radio has changed drastically over the decades.

When radio technology first began, it was a method of communication, a way to keep people connected over distance. Today, while we still use radio waves for communication purposes, they’re far more popular as a mode of sharing information and entertainment.

Radio stations broadcast news, music and other programmes to listeners all around the world. These stations come in many different sizes and styles, ranging from the local niche station to huge national companies like the BBC.

However, radio wasn’t always as diverse as it is today.

It was the rise of…

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