Radiomaze is happy to welcome friends and foes at their suite at the Venezia Tower Penthouse, floor 36 from the 9th to the 12th of January 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Product demonstrations will be performed on demand, with a back-to-back benchmarking of competing solutions ranging from Aerial Technologies and Cognitive Systems Aura. And Emerald (just joking!).

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The ecosystem around motion detection with WiFi is ripe.

Despite WiFi was never intended to be used as a mean for motion detection, nevertheless its pervasivity screamed for a solution in this direction.

The market has been evolving slowly. Many different pieces needed to fall into place simultaneously.

5 years ago our prospective customers would look at us like aliens, but now everything is in place.

Radiomaze holds its first-mover advantage holding the first granted patent on motion detection with WiFi with priority 2012.

We have seen some copycats around, and this is a good thing, as no competition means…

Silicon Valley, December 7th, 2017.

Today Radiomaze Inc. is proud of having won the award as best IoT startup at the Winter Summit hosted by Plug and Play Tech Center. Out of 2000 applications, 100 were selected to pitch at the Corporate Partners day, and just 30 made it to the final selection day.

Mauro Pelosi, co-founder & CEO of Radiomaze Inc. delighted an exquisite selected audience of corporate partners, investors, and techies with the latest roadmap towards making the world a safer place.

With no hardware or no software modifications Radiomaze can detect human motion using the WiFi devices…

Already named a CES Innovation Award Honoree, Radiomaze home monitoring learns people behaviours, the surrounding home environment and notifies house owners just when it is needed using the already existing domestic WiFi ecosystem.

The creators of Radiomaze WiFi Motion Detection, announced the release of the next generation Radiomaze motion detection ecosystems for Telcos, WiFi manufacturers and WiFi mesh networks systems. Radiomaze solutions, when embedded into nowadays WiFi devices and cloud systems, allowpeople to have knowledge of what is happening into their homes without using cameras.

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The setup is straightforward as the system uses…

Home automation is on steroids. Novel technologies and techniques are enabling a plethora of new services spanning from simple lights on/off to the next generation of in house behavioural analytics.

Forget to turn off the lights before leaving the apartment. The house will do it for you. No need to raise your hand, finger-swipe the air, clap your hands or other unnatural human gestures. Your lights will power down automatically.

Radiomaze computer scientists have developed motion-recognition technologies that bring this to real life using the entire WiFi ecosystem already in every house. They have shown that it is possible to…

Radiomaze proposes a novel software interaction interface solution leveraging available wireless transmissions in the environment (specifically WiFi) so to enable a whole-home sensing and recognition of human presence.

The solution, embedded into conventional WiFi routers, makes use of both wireless signals in line-of-sight and on non-line-of-sight that propagate through walls.

Radiomaze enables whole-home motion recognition using already available wireless sources in the home such as a Wi-Fi router, a WiFi TV, a WiFi thermostat, a WiFi fridge and a mobile devices moving around.

Radiomaze is the first patented wireless solution leveraging existing infrastructure at home that can identify motion in…

Radiomaze has developed a series of algorithms (CES Innovation Awards) that makes use of signals from mesh Wi-Fi networks, WiFi repeaters, WiFi hotspots and the entire Smart Home IoT ecosystem to detect motion in rooms.

The development of this when combined to similar technologies have huge implications on home security systems and other home monitoring solutions (such as WiFi cameras), offering companies, telcos, WiFi vendors, new and simpler ways to detect movements in homes.

The setup uses a transmitter and a receiver, or more simply the mesh-enabled Wi-Fi routers that typically are in our homes, with one WiFi router acting…

A motion detector is a device that detects moving objects, particularly people. Depending on the specific use case, different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be defined. The present Radiomaze report will focus on motion detection for home security applications to begin with.

Despite the fact that even within the narrow focus of the home security use case there are many sub-categories, we will now begin an overall preliminary categorization.

Ideally, the golden standard of home security is to act as a system of deterrence, where as in nuclear mutual annihilation it works best when it is never used. As passive…

This is a really hard question to answer. That is why for the very first time in literature Radiomaze provides a framework to assess what is needed to benchmark motion detection systems based on WiFi signal as sensing mechanism. As any analysis is expected to be biased to some extent, we will portray the current ecosystem in the most unbiased way by leveraging common ground as much as possible.

To begin with, we need to agree on a shared vocabulary with clear definitions so that ambiguities and vagueness will be substantially reduced.

So, what is Motion Detection? Motion detection is…


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