Radiomaze is happy to welcome friends and foes at their suite at the Venezia Tower Penthouse, floor 36 from the 9th to the 12th of January 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Product demonstrations will be performed on demand, with a back-to-back benchmarking of competing solutions ranging from Aerial Technologies and Cognitive Systems Aura. And Emerald (just joking!).

To book your slot please use this link:

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The ecosystem around motion detection with WiFi is ripe.

Despite WiFi was never intended to be used as a mean for motion detection, nevertheless its pervasivity screamed for a solution in this direction.

The market has been evolving slowly. Many different pieces needed to fall into place simultaneously.

5 years ago our prospective customers would look at us like aliens, but now everything is in place.

Radiomaze holds its first-mover advantage holding the first granted patent on motion detection with WiFi with priority 2012.

We have seen some copycats around, and this is a good thing, as no competition means no market. …

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