From iTunes Podcast to a 24/7 Internet Radio Station With Streaming Music Licensing & Distribution to top Radio Directories!

All at no cost and you can potentially reach millions of new listeners with your shows.

Radionomy is a ground breaking new service that gives DJs, producers, radio programmers, artists, podcasters, and any one with something to say or play a way to have their own internet radio station with unlimited streams, complete music licensing, full distribution, custom players for web, and mobile APPS for iOS and Android devices….at NO COST.

Here is a quick guide on how to put your iTunes Podcasts into a 24/7 stream to grow your audience and even make money.

The best part is…it’s Free!

Here is the STEP BY STEP:

1.) Go to and click on the blue button Let’s Go!…and fill out the form with your email or Log in with your Facebook or Google+ account, then confirm activation via your email

2.) Go to and log in with your new username and password. Fill in the requested information about your station: name (important, can’t change it), genre, description etc and SAVE

3.) Once on the platform Click AUDIO, then in the PLAYLIST box, create a playlist box called FRESH AND BEST SHOWS- then add (+)

4.) Click on the FRESH AND BEST SHOWS playlist box you just created, then click on the UPLOAD button and either upload or drag and drop your TRACKS from your own computer. Note: make sure the tracks are under 15 min. each and that you have a few hours of content. Save. You’ll want to separate music tracks from talk tracks. They will playback seamlessly to the audience but we need music tracks to carry the artist meta-tag so we can pay them the royalties and find a natural break for ads. Check out easy edit tools like Audacity (free) and Adobe Audition (better). Save tracks at 128K mp3 (44k/stereo).Your show will never sound better- and again playback to audience will be seamless.

5. )Don’t freak out about cutting up your content for the radio- you’ll probably find a natural break in the conversation/content every 10–15 minutes anyway and the radio system will let you do a quick shout out “we will be right back after this break” in the INTRO ADV capacity on the Planner. This will let your listeners there is a break but to stay tuned.

6.) Only upload and prep a few recent shows for your radio station and maybe your top downloaded shows to launch your station. A few hours of content in rotation makes for a fresh radio stream since most radio listeners tend to listen for shorter spurts of time. Remember this is not on-demand but a 24/7 stream that is pre-programmed, more like traditional radio. This works great for in-car listening, at the gym, and when you are multi-tasking and don’t want to keep pushing the play button.

7.) Put some 2 min tracks (PSA, Music, your own Sponsor ads) in a FILLER box so if the ad inventory doesn’t sell for that listener, you can control what they hear instead. Note- on the search feature (upper right on RMO), you can hit ADVANCED and choose the type: filler and get a ton of exactly 2 minute tracks for this box. The tracks have to EXACTLY 2 mins to cover the ad break. Then be sure and select that FILLER box on the Planner / Calendar so the system knows which content to fill.

8.) You can also search the built in music library for added music content. Search artists, songs names or genres in the upper right search bar then drag and drop those tracks into your playlist box, if you’d like to offer more music to your content. These tracks and the music you uploaded from your library are all covered under our music license for streaming published music. We pay ASCAP, BMI, and SoundExchange.

9.) In the tracks list, you can verify the meta tags by clicking on the orange exclamation mark ! — make sure the Artist and the Title info is filled in, this is how Radionomy reports and pays the licensing fees

10.) In the TOP nav bar click on Day Templates. Create a new day template call it MAIN PROGRAMS(+)

11.) Click on Main Programs and see a 24-hour schedule appear. Drag and Drop your FRESH AND BEST SHOWS playlist (in right nav bar) onto the template.

12.) Add Start time 5:00 to 4:59 — so 5am to 4:49am SAVE. Keep adding this playlist until it fills a 24 hour cycle. You can go back later and add more boxes and decide when exactly you want to play that content. This is a quick start guide to get you on-air fast!

13.) There will most likely be a gap in your 24/7 DayTemplate cycle (i.e. your podcast content does not fill exactly 24 hours to the second). Create a quick Music Box (back under audio) with some music tracks- call it MISC MUSIC. You can add your own music (click on Upload) or use the search bar in upper right to find your favorite music. There are hundreds of thousands of track there for you to choose from. Once you see a track you like just drag and drop it into your MISC MUSIC box.

14.) Now click on CLOCKS and create a clock with the same name: MISC MUSIC. Click on that clock and drag n drop that Misc Music box you created. Save. Now click on DayTemplates and drag and drop this MISC MUSIC CLOCK to your MAIN PROGRAMS DayTemplate to close the 24 hour clock with content. This will be at the end of your broadcast day and will flex to fill whatever time remains to complete the 24 hours.

15.) Click on Planning in the top nav and see a 30 day calendar appear.Drag and Drop your Main Program Day Template onto the days on the calendar and watch ‘generating’ turn to ‘generated. You can fill up to 30 days ahead. Go for it. Note: if you toggle between calendar days you’ll see a black arrow appear which means you can pull this same day template across the days and weeks ahead. Watch as each day is ‘generated’. To double check the sequence of tracks, click on the word ‘generated’ and the system will show you the content roll out. You can sill move things around from here, too.

16.) Your station is now streaming 24/7 and will soon appear on many networks- you can test the station and grab the HTML 5 embeddable webplayer by going and search for your station name. Now, click on the name of the station and go to the station page. Test the station here.Click on Exportable Player where you’ll find the HTML5 code for your web player. This is responsive design so will configure nicely for anyone browing on a mobile device. You can now share, share, share your player on mobile, social, and web.

17.) Your direct URL is which will simply launch the stream in any browser.

18.) Check back on your STATS page on the to see how your station is doing from day to day.

19.) Get on TuneIn ASAP: Go to and search for your station. When it does not appear- click the add and enter in the information from your Radionomy station page

Congratulations! You are now an internet radio broadcaster.

The way we keep this service free to you is that we are able to bring advertisers to buy about 4 minutes an hour to cover costs. The rest of the hour is yours to resell as you wish and keep 100%. Get a big audience and we’ll start to revenue share the ads with you, too. Win/Win.

Need more details- check out this HOW TO BROADCAST doc

…also click the the FORUM link on the RMO to find out how you can make money with your station and get your questions answered.

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