Radio Ready PR Company Review

Radio Ready PR Company Review

Not even halfway out of the gate these guys have given me the platform of copyrighted protection, media outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Google play and Amazon just to name a few) AND outsourcing of my music to a plethora of avenues but also the confidence and attitude to work as hard as they have in promoting myself like nobody has ever been able to before.

This is not a plug NOR was I put up to creating an endorsement for them but advice from one musician to another weary on where to go next.

My journey has just begun and far, far from over but having Radio Ready on speed dial and email for advice, planning and marketing practically 24/7 is the perfect asset you’ll need to take your music to the next level.
 Plus with a life long commitment to helping you in every direction you want your music to go (no hidden fees or monthly retainers to surprise you) there’s such a breath of relief knowing at any given time a team or an agent is right there ready to assist WITH ANY request you need (like opening doors for you with promoters in a big city, increasing your download sales or maximizing your social media presence.) Radio Ready will work as hard for you as you’re willing to work for yourself, keep that in mind and you absolutely will not regret the best kept secret in marketing independent talent.