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**Warning! This piece contains some minor Catalyst spoilers**

Rogue One seems as though it is going to be great, from what I’ve seen of the trailers and other information I’ve gleaned from reading interviews and racing through the Catalyst novel. So this list of characters I’d like to see in the film doesn’t exist because I think Rogue One needs anything further added.

The story needs to be focused to make this a great movie rather than a ramble through nostalgia.

Something I am genuinely wondering though is whether Rogue One will be true to its apparent lack of Jedi, or whether some Jedi are being kept under wraps. Again I’m not suggesting it needs them at all, but I imagine the Order won’t be ignored in the wider narrative, not least because of some of the action will be taking place on Jedha, and also because there was a lot of discussion around the Jedi and their relationship to kyber crystals in Catalyst.

So with no further ado, here are my top picks for Rogue One cameos:

Ahsoka Tano

I know I’m not the only one secretly wishing this — is our beloved Jedi, last seen broken and wandering on Malachor, going to be making a cameo in this movie? There are lots of reasons why not — greatest among them that it’s not clear to what extent she is still alive, if at all. Plus she would absolutely steal the show if she was in it (though this is all the more reason for a potential appearance to be kept under wraps.) I think it is way more likely she will be name checked, possibly by Saw or others, but only should it serve the story. I certainly won’t go into the cinema with any expectations on this one.

Likelihood: 5%

Princess Leia

This is more likely, since the film is rumoured to end just before the opening scenes of A New Hope, in which Leia is of course a leading figure in the rebellion. Plus we know Bail is in the movie. It would make sense for her to appear, even if it was briefly and towards the end. I’m keeping hope alive on this one, even though a casting announcement hasn’t been made.

Likelihood: 60%

The Rebels Crew

As with Ahsoka, there are lots of reasons the Rebels crew members would not be featured, not least that it might shed light on the fate of individuals before we find out as part of the Rebels time line. Also because they are in a different rebel cell than General Dodonna (of OT fame.) However, as we’ve seen with characters such as Obi Wan Kenobi, knowing about their future whilst filling in their past offers a good opportunity to gain insight into their character.

I am particularly interested in a potential role for rebel veterans Hera and Kanan. A name check is more likely (though name checking a large proportion of the historical SW cast of characters would detract from the plot somewhat!) See also my comments on Rex below.

Likelihood: 10%


Maybe by this point Hondo’s luck will have run out. I do feel like his heavy featuring in Rebels recently means that his presence will set up a key arc plot point at some point during this season, and we will possibly see his demise or banishment in the animated show. However I think there might be a role for him in Rogue One as a supplier of arms or intelligence, even though his capability may not be there any longer for masterminding anything large scale. But given his close links with the Rebels crew maybe he finally sees the benefit in joining them in some capacity. Unlikely but it would be amusing.

Likelihood: 5%

Lux Bonteri and/or General Tandin

These characters from the TCW Onderon arc are former allies of Saw Gerrera and so conceivably might be part of the action on Jedha, or in Lux’s case, as he leaned towards diplomacy and did not espouse Saw’s radical methods, on the rebel council. That doesn’t mean we will see them named, as it may not be necessary for background figures. Also, neither were mentioned in Catalyst in connection to Saw, implying they are not in his circle at this point on the timeline, but who knows?

Likelihood: 20%


Tarkin features heavily in Catalyst, and by the end of the prequel novel he is manoeuvering himself into place as a key player in the production of the Death Star. It makes sense that he would be in this movie, and even though we haven’t seen him in the trailers there have been lots of rumours about a possible appearance. It’s still unclear though what plot points his appearance would fill in, because (I think!) this is ostensibly a story of the rebels stealing the plans, not of machinations in the Imperial court. Though we know exchanges between Krennic and Vader feature, I would like to guess that the majority of the time we will be with the rebels. However I think he’s definitely going to be mentioned, and we may get an appearance too. I want him in it if only to see an exchange between him and Krennic — I love their adversarial plotting in Catalyst.

Likelihood: 90%


I’m just going to leave this here:

Dave Filoni “I really do think that Rex is that guy on Endor. I really do. Why else is there a bearded old guy on Endor…I’m gonna make that happen.” So, it’s just a comment, not canon, but the potential is there for Rex to be a veteran member of the rebellion. That’s not to say he would feature in this movie as it’s certainly not necessary for the plot as far as we know it, but I like to think he is alive and still fighting the good fight at this point in the timeline, and I’ll certainly be watching out for old beardy guys.

Likelihood: 5%

Which brings us finally to…the dream I dare not name….

Obi Wan Kenobi

Okay, I’m well aware I’m clutching at straws here. I am not delusional. But I really want to see more Obi on screen, being a massive fangirl of his character. I’ve no idea why he would be in it. I think it’s possible he’ll be name checked towards the end, again due to the fact that Rogue One sits up against A New Hope, but beyond that I think it’s extremely unlikely we’ll actually see him in any capacity. But none of us will know until the final credits roll, right?!

Likelihood: 0.1%

In conclusion, I don’t want this film to get mired down in walk-ons from past characters, but I’d love to see one or two of the above. Crossing my fingers and placing my bets!!

Who do you want to see?

Ryloth out.

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