Star Wars Miniland at Legoland UK

Your favourite OT and prequels scenes lovingly recreated in tiny bricks

For a family of Star Wars megafans a visit to Legoland UK would not be complete without checking out Star Wars Miniland. It is a relatively minor exhibit in the context of this sprawling theme park, but one that packs a huge amount of detail into a series of lovingly created dioramas, depicting scenes from the prequels and the original trilogy (and one from The Clone Wars.)

Ahsoka and Obi guarding the canons on Christophsis! Tiny Gungans! My favourite AOTC scene!

It is so great as a fan to see the creations you love being depicted with this level of care and attention. The prequels were treated equally in terms of scenes covered, which is often not the case where Star Wars is involved. Buttons on the displays allow visitors to activate movement or lighting effects. Larger dioramas sit next to smaller depictions of individual scenes, with so much to take in.

Classic OT moments.

The obligatory exhibit shop didn’t offer anything new in the way of exclusives which was slightly disappointing but there were plenty of older sets and other accessories on offer which might not have been available elsewhere.

Legoland UK have Star Wars event days coming up on 29th, 30th April and 1st May and after this small corner of the park captured our imaginations so completely I’d be very excited to go back for more!

Ryloth out.