6 Ways To Market Your Small Business

We at Radium2 Capital work to make funding for your small business as easy and efficient as possible. Our numerous services allow business owners to access capital quickly; up to $500,000 in funding can be approved and provided in three days. Once you receive the funding for your small business, you may be left with lingering questions as to how to grow and effectively market your small business. Below are six way to grow your business through various marketing channels.

Instagram Marketing

Marketing on Instagram is absolutely crucial to reaching greater numbers of qualified prospects. There are millions upon millions of daily active users on the platform. These users can potentially be your customers. As an intelligent marketer, you know to go where your customers already are. You can utilize Instagram to post organic content or post paid advertisements. To begin advertising know your target audience and familiarize yourself with Facebook Ad Manager. Since Facebook owns Instagram, you will need to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to feed ads to Instagram.

Email Marketing

While marketing on social media is crucial, you must make an effort to build your email list. Email marketing has not died. Everyone checks their email and you own your email list. This is contrary to how you cannot own your social media profiles completely; businesses can lose access to their profiles. Your business efforts should always include collecting the contact information of your prospects and customers so you can serve them better.

Facebook Ads

Facebook still provides one of the most reliable and functional ways to reach your target audience. The better you know your target audience, the more features you can enable-giving you the ability to narrow your audience down into different niches.

Youtube Ads

Youtube advertisements are an excellent option to market your business on a budget. Advertise by spending a very small amount of capital or you may not have to pay at all. This is because of Youtube’s algorithm. Advertisers pay when the advertisement plays for more than 30 seconds. Oftentimes, viewers will click “Skip Ad”, resulting in zero cost for that impression.

Pay Per Click Advertising

One place to launch a pay-per-click campaign is via Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to bid on traffic to your website based on common keywords customers use to search for your type of business. In addition to setting up a pay per click campaign with Google, you should also set up your Google Business page. This allows your business to appear on Google Maps when people in the area search for your business type.

Loyalty Program

Your next best customer just may be the one you already have. Honor your customers for sticking with you by creating a custom loyalty program for your business and customers. Plus, the happy customers or clients you already have can be the best way to highlight your business success-attracting new business.

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