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Given all of the recent news, I thought I might actually write down something I have had numerous conversations with people about, both online and off. This idea that someone is seen as being strong. We throw it around as a compliment of sorts, to act as an uplifting comment to someone dealing with something we haven’t personally dealt with. Depression, illness, death, you name it. We like to tell people we don’t know how they do it, and that they are being so strong.

Here’s the problem, it doesn’t help. In fact, I’d argue it only makes things worse. It invalidates the very real hardship someone is experiencing. The idea of being strong makes it seem as though they aren’t actually dealing with an emotional upheaval, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you must comment on how “strong” someone is being through a hard time, tell them they are being resilient. The better option though is to not comment on how they are emotionally dealing with things. …

I’m a goat. I like to eat hay and say beeeh. My other favorite past time includes biting people, eyeballing things strangely and jumping off of things. Have you seen some of the amazing video’s they make about me? You know you’re jealous. Don’t hate.

We also make amazing pets. We’re a lot like dogs. We’re loyal, sweet, and we bond with a family. We can also befriend the family dog! …


Girl, geek, super woman extraordinaire! Web Developer, SEO, WordPress Enthusiast, Infertility Sufferer (100+ mo), Ectopic Survivor & German Shepherd Dog Lover.

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