How To Go Viral

Virality is not based on the interestingness of your product or service, but on how interesting you can make it appear.

I used to work for a military insurance company as a ‘Social Media Manager’ — quite possibly the least interesting thing you could create social content for, but guess what… we made it work.

It’s total out of the box thinking, sometimes even totally flipping your social marketing on it’s head that can make what you do captivating on social media.

Think about the things that you like, share and tag your friends in on Facebook, they are all either funny, they provide you some sort of value, or you can relate to them through some sort of emotion. This is how you make something ‘viral’, you need to create the right piece of content, relate it to your audience and make it ‘shareable’.

This can be done in any industry. You just have to be smart, think out of the box and think about what connects what you do to the hearts of the people scrolling through that news feed every minute of everyday (except when they are at work… obviously…right?!).

We might just be able to help create that ‘viral content — Radley Creative Media